Unique features of Trittium that make it the ideal P2P lending platform

Obtaining loans at banks are becoming a herculean task, and this is because the centralized nature of the traditional bank gives the bank more power over the customers, hence they are able to implement policies that will profit the bank at the expense of the customers.

The blockchain technology has amazing features that make it a very useful tool for effecting change in the financial sector and all other sectors. The blockchain technology comes with features like cryptographic security, fast transactions, decentralized system, no third parties or intermediaries, near zero or zero fees, global functionality, cross-border transactions, scalability, transparency, among other features.

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Trittium Features

There are different blockchain based loan issuing platforms, each rendering one form of loan service or the other. One prominent platform that was created to meet the loan needs of people is the Trittium platform. The platform was ultimately created to proffer solution to the issues plaguing the loan sector, and these solutions are basically to make it easier for people to get unhindered access to loans. Trittium comes with amazing features that contribute to make the platform a choice one for loan offering services. These features include:

• Decentralization

As is typical of the blockchain technology, every blockchain based system is usually created to be decentralized, and this means there are no central entities, 3rd parties or intermediaries that can control the operations, or make alterations. Hence, the users are in complete control of their funds and the operations going on the network.

• Full Privacy

The platform is utilizing a privacy feature from the Zerocoin protocol. This is to ensure that the users on the platform enjoy complete privacy, that way, there are no unsolicited interruptions from 3rd parties, including the anonymity of the user and the transaction.

• Low-Interest Rates

Unlike the traditional banking system that charges high rates and fees, Trittium does not function that way, as the use of the blockchain technology is responsible for the low-interest rates.

• No Credit History

The usual procedure in traditional banks is to go through the tedious and time-wasting process of checking your credit history to ascertain whether the user is eligible for a loan. However, the Trittium platform functions differently, in that there is no need for credit history or any form of personal identification.

• Immediate Access to Assets

In case users require access to their assets, provisions have been made for users to get immediate access to their requested assets.

The platform was created to be used by different users including investors, individuals, companies, ICOs, Miners, and banks. The platform has the intentions to ensure total freedom is given to every user, no matter the categories they may fall into. The benefits of the tritium platform also include transparent management over investments, and also, the project delivers what was promised, users have access to cheaper loans, community loans, stable pricing, returns on investment (ROI), and transparency.

Originally published at medium.com on June 14, 2018.

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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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