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How and why trttNodes will support selected projects.

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This is the Masternodes market evolution over the last 10 months:

  • 2018, April 24: 5,898 USD Millions invested in Masternodes.
  • 2019, February 26: 1,284 USD Millions invested in Masternodes.

In the middle, a lot of cheaper and cheaper coins, scams and failed projects.

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But not all have been failures. A lot of good projects have also reached the market. Some of them are trying to survive with hard work, professionalism and paying back to their investors with higher prices and excellent ROI.

trttNodes wants to help the Masternode community by trying to search and find those projects that will succeed in the medium and long-term. Also, we will help them to find the investors needed to develop their project use case.

Easy, just contact any Trittium team member and ask for it.

  • Pre-sale hasn’t started.
  • To accept Trittium team instructions or be able to adapt to them.
  • To accept to be listed on the trttNodes platform.
  • Transparency with their investors.
  • Real use case project.
  • Involvement of the entire team.
  • Long term goals.
  • Advising by Trittium founder, Evgeny Kagan, in preparation steps, including coin math and financial model.
  • PoCon code for those projects which will be willing to implement it.
  • WhitePaper review.
  • Website and marketing strategy advicing by the Trittium team.
  • Faster and cheaper listing on Crypto Bridge Exchange.
  • Additional marketing coverage from Crypto Bridge Exchange.
  • Direct access to Trittium team and constant help and review.
  • Direct access to the highest Trittium investors (BOD) and their opinions, reviews and approvals.
  • Direct access to Trittium investors.
  • We will charge projects in Trittium to be accepted in trttSelect.
  • At least 10% of pre-sale will be offered as pre-sale to Trittium investors on the trttNodes platform (Priority will be given to BOD members if supply is short).

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