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At the trttNodes platform (, we always try to keep you updated about all the different new projects launched at the market.

We try to list such projects where innovation is present.

A new function is released now in some of our recent listed projects:

Funds lock.

As example:

Safe Capital

Listed recently at the trttNodes platform

If you decide to invest in the SCAP project, you must know a significant difference:

Your coins will be locked for ONE YEAR.

Yes, you will not be able to move your collateral to any address after making the tx to create it.

The trttNodes platform allows cold node hosting for SCAP, where you keep the coins in your wallet.

But also allows insta nodes investments, where 10 Euro is the minimum amount to invest.

In this case, your coins invested will also be locked for ONE YEAR, even if you choose to reinvest your rewards, such amount will also be locked.

Please, pay attention to the reinvest option!!!

Discord link:


Centex Project

Centex (CNTX) will be listed soon on the trttNodes platform.

They also offer a lock period to earn rewards.

The longer you lock, the more rewards you will receive.

trttNodes platform will support this kind of investment, allowing to secure funds on each tier investment.

As always, Cold and insta node investment options will be opened.

You choose, keep the coins into your wallet and deploy a full cold node with us, or invest since 10 € value into our running masternodes, including, of course, these new locking features.

In this case, you can invest in a 3 months deposit node as instant node.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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