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Service fees explained
8 min readDec 14, 2018

Article updated to the new price since July 11, 2019:
4€ per month per full node = 0.133 per day.

In the current masternodes market, different hosting services are trying to get their market position.

In addition to the best price offer, all claim to have the best features, the most secure service or better customer support.

TrttNodes does offer a hosting service, and also an investment platform.

It provides investors with the opportunity to invest in different projects without taking account of any technical details that surround the masternodes world. They just need to deposit coins from an exchange or their wallets and press a button called “INVEST”. Investments can be placed for amounts with value as less as 10 EUR. Yes, it is that simple and affordable.

To offer such an in-house solution, we must have a revenue stream to cover operational costs and guarantee the service. That is what has led us to establish minimum service fees.

Now let we explain the service fees logic and how they are applied.

What is the trttNodes investment service fee?

The service fee is:
0.133 EUR/day per masternode (4 EUR/month), charged daily in TRTT for each full masternode collateral

4% of rewards for the masternode shares (amounts less than full masternode collateral) with a condition for the minimum daily value of 0.133 EUR/day for a full masternode collateral, charged as proportion according to the masternode share.

  • Special terms apply for TRTT investments from Jan 1 2019 - 0.0667 EUR/day (2 EUR/month)
  • *Special terms apply for RUPX investments from Jan 1 2019— 0.1333 EUR/day (4 EUR/month)
  • *Special terms apply for GIC investments from Jan 1 2019 — 0.1333 EUR/day (4 EUR/month)

We are getting the collateral of a masternode as the base for the fee calculations.
Having invested amount of full masternode(s) collateral means that you will be charged for a masternode(s).
Any amounts which are less than collateral will be treated as a share of a masternode.

As a result, we can study the following scenarios:

  1. The investment amount is less than a masternode collateral (our shared masternode alternative):
    In this case, a 4% fee on rewards with a condition of the daily minimum payment will be charged in TRTT.
    If the value of the fees charged in EUR doesn’t cover the daily minimum for the share (share % * 0.133 EUR/day), then additional charge to cover the difference up to minimum daily payment will apply for the day.
  2. Investment amount equals to a masternode or several masternodes collaterals:
    For such investment, a fee of 0.133 EUR/day (4 EUR/month) per masternode will be charged.
    !NOTE that if you have “Reinvest” enabled soon you will have some amount above the collateral(s) and your charges that will apply are listed in next case.
  3. The investment amount is greater than a masternode or multiple masternodes collaterals:
    This is probably our most attractive offer. Here there will be a type of fees:
    - a daily masternode service fee of 0.133 EUR per masternode
    - 4% fees on rewards for the masternode share (the amount above the full collateral). 4% fee on rewards is just for the part of rewards which corresponds to the masternode share.
    If the value in EUR of the 4% fees charged, doesn’t cover the daily minimum for the share (share % * 0.133 EUR/day), then additional charge to cover the difference up to minimum daily payment, will apply for the day.

** For investments in Trittium 0.033 EUR/day (1 EUR/month) per masternode

Please, check the detailed real examples for each of the cases below.

How does the trttNodes charge for its services?

We are charging mainly in Trittium. For user convenience, of course, we can take charge of the invested coin.

Here is the time to introduce another feature of the trttNodes. It provides users with fully functional web and mobile wallets.
You can use wallets in order to have access to your crypto assets everywhere and on any device.

What is the relation between wallets and the fees?
The idea is simple - we like to provide our investors with an opportunity to pay their fees without touching their investment amount and get the best out of the compound interest using the Reinvest feature.
That’s why by default we are trying to charge your $TRTT wallet and if there is not enough amount to cover the fees, we will then try to charge your wallet of the invested coin. In case that in corresponding coin wallet there is also not enough amount to cover the fees, we will charge the investment (fees from the investment are deducted once the investment is closed).

Let now see some examples representing all said above:

***Please NOTE that some of the examples are showing TRTT investments charged by the old rates for Trittium investments of 0.133 EUR/day (4 EUR/month). New rates are available for investments in Trittium at just 0.033 EUR/day (1 EUR/month).

  1. Share of a masternode (invested amount < collateral)
Example 1 - 4% fees cover the minimum daily fee

In the example above we can see investment for a Beacon (BECN), with initial investment 5086.00 BECN ~50% of the collateral (10 000 BECN) and the current amount of the investment 6819.00 ~68% of the collateral (Reinvest enabled). Let see the fees…
If we do a check we can find that the fees taken are exactly 4% of the rewards and their total value in EUR for the day covers the minimum of 0.114 EUR/day for this particular case, so no additional charges apply. Here is how the daily minimum for this investment is calculated:

[share of the collateral] * [minimum daily fee] = 68% * 0.133 EUR/day = 0.09044 EUR/day

Another thing which is interesting here is that in this case there was not enough TRTT available in the investor wallet to cover the fees and also not enough available amount in his BECN wallet, so the charges were taken from the investment amount as we can see in the transaction comments.

Example 2 - 4% fees don’t cover minimum daily fees

Here as an example is taken an investment of XORN coin initial amount 7573.00 XORN ~76% of the collateral (10 000 XORN). We will take a look in the first-day transactions of this investment so our base for calculations will be a 76% share of masternode.

minimum daily fees = 76% * 0.133 EUR/day = 0.1013 EUR/day

Looking at the 4% on rewards fees, we can easily conclude that their total value is less than the daily minimum of 0.127 EUR for this particular investment. It is like that because currently, the price of this coin is not that high. What happens next?

In such cases, the system generates an additional fee transaction which equals to the difference between the minimum daily fee and the sum of the collected 4% fees for the day.

Minimum daily fee adjustment

[Min. daily fee adjustment] = [min. daily fee (investment)] - [sum of 4% fees(day)]

In the particular case, we see that the investor had enough available balance in TRTT wallet to cover the fees and got charged in TRTT, having his investment untouched.

2. A masternode (invested amount = one or amount of several collateral)

Example 3 - Masternode min. daily fee

This case can only exist when the exact amount collateral(s) is invested and Reinvest is not enabled. In this case, the rewards will be paid to the corresponding coin wallet and the invested amount will remain the same.
*Note that with Reinvest enabled the rewards will be added to the invested amount and we will have other cases for fees (invested amount>collateral).

Here we have an investment in TRTT with amount 200 000 TRTT invested, which equals to 4 masternodes (50 000 TRTT collateral).
This is the easier scenario in terms of fee calculations. The investment will be charged only the minimum daily fee per masternode - 0.133 EUR/day.

Masternode(s) daily service fee

[Daily MN fee] = [number of masternodes] * [daily masternode fee] = 4 * 0.133 EUR/day = 0.532 EUR/day

For this case, the fees are again charged from the wallet as the rewards are received there which almost guarantee that there will be enough available amount in the wallet to cover the fees.

3. A masternode/several + share (invested amount > collateral/several collaterals)

Example 4 - Masternode min. daily fee + share min. daily fee

In this case, our example is for an investment of TRTT coin with an initial amount of 136 375.00 TRTT. It will be treated as a 2 x full masternode (50 000 collateral) + 72.75 % masternode share (the extra 36 375 TRTT).

As we said earlier in such cases the following fees will apply:
- a daily masternode service fee of 0.133 EUR per masternode
- 4% fee on the rewards for the masternode share if it covers the minimum daily fee in EUR, otherwise (if 4% on rewards is less then the minimum daily fee for the share), the minimum daily fee on 0.133 EUR for the share will apply.

Masternode(s) daily service fee

[Daily MN fee] = [number of masternodes] * [daily masternode fee] = 2* 0.133 EUR/day = 0.266 EUR/day

4% fee on rewards for the extra share

What needs our attention here is that the 4% fee on rewards is adjusted to the amount of extra masternode share. The easiest way to check it is to calculate the 4% fee on the reward. Let look at our example with 3.293582 TRTT reward:

4% * Reward = 0.04 * 3.293582 TRTT = 0.131743 TRTT

As you can see in the example, the fee is only 0.03514 TRTT.
It is because the 4% is calculated by the following formula:

[extra masternode share] * 4% * [Reward] = [coins on top of collateral(s)/investment amount] * 4% * [Reward] = [36 375/136 375] * 4% * 3.293582 = 0.266728 * 0.04 * 3.293582 = 0.03514 TRTT

The above 4% fee on the extra masternode share has a value of 0.000164 EUR. It obviously is too low to cover the daily minimum of 0.133 EUR, so the condition for minimum daily fee applies in this case…

Correction to a daily minimum fee

In order to cover the minimum daily fee of 0.133 EUR an additional fee is generated (“Adjustment fee”) and it represents the difference between the minimum daily fee for the extra share and the charged 4% fees for the day.

In our case:

Adjustment fee = [Min daily fees for extra share] - [charged 4% fees for the day]

Hope all about fees, now looks easier for you. You are more than welcome to join us!

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