trttLoans Beta testers guide

Basic concepts to launch a tester Loan request or a Loan offer

  1. How to create a lending request.
  2. How to proceed once our loan request is accepted.
  3. How to lend money to a loan request application.

1.- Creating a Lending request (Borrowing)

The first part is elementary, :), just press on the “Borrow” button.

  • We can choose in what coin do we want to receive the loan: BTC, ETH, PAX and USDT (More coins will be added). In this example we want BTC.
  • We select the address where we want to receive such Bitcoins, and also we must choose where do we want to receive the collateral once we pay the loan (In 7 days).
  • We select how do we want to pay the platform fees, as said before if we choose Trittium to pay the fees, we will get a 20% discount.
  • We must accept the terms and conditions and CREATE REQUEST.
  • We will see the loan request details, and appears as published:
  • If we go to My Loans > Published we can see all our loan request. In this example, we just created the number RQ1–33

2.- Our Loan Request is accepted

Once the loan request is accepted from someone at the market, we will receive an email. In the email, the system asks us to send the collateral to the lender in the next 2 hours.

3.- Lending money to a loan application.

At the same time, as lenders, we can go to the market and lend money to a borrower (lending requests).

  • We can see the loan details:
  • We receive an email confirming the loan and giving us the instructions.



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