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The Single sign-on solution

We are currently in times in which, increasingly, we must control the security of our access to more and more pages.
We have, along with the web dozen and even hundreds of accounts and passwords spread across different websites.
Behind each of them, there is a different programmer, different encryption (or none) and various security protocols and data transfer to third parties.
Some have 2FA; most do not yet.
But, and if there was a free solution capable of covering all those pages generating a single user and 2FA code for all of them?
Can you imagine how comfortable and safe that would be?

Such a solution is trttAuth

What trttAuth is?

trttAuth is a Single sign-on solution of the Trittium network that provides access to all the trttServices (trttNodes, trttWallets, trttLoans) and 3rd parties.
It allows Clients of all types, including Web-based, mobile, and JavaScript clients to verify the identity of the trttServices end-user based on the authentication performed by the trttAuthorization server.
Clients can request and receive information about authenticated sessions and end-users.

This makes trttAuth a convenient way to access your assets by using an existing account to sign on to multiple trttServices, without having to create separate credentials.

Trittium team was always dedicated in development and improvements of our project and services, but we also never forget the main driven force of all the block-chain based projects — the power of the community. A community that always shares knowledge, ideas and innovations to keep the constant block-chain technology development and help cryptocurrencies mainstream adoption.
Our first small contribution was the PoCon (Proof of consumption) introduction and now is time for our next small step in that direction. We decided to open trttAuth for 3rd parties’ apps and services integrations.

How can trttAuth help the crypto space?

As we all know, one of the most significant values of the block-chain technologies is privacy, and all the crypto enthusiasts and supporters like to keep the low profile of privacy data sharing. It is well known that the top choices for Open Authentication (OAuth) are Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts, but most of the users in crypto space don’t like to share details for their block-chain activities with those big companies or to provide access to their true identity to recently born crypto projects.
Here is where trttAuth can be an excellent alternative for the all-in-one access point to multiple crypto apps and services. One account to rule them all.

How does trttAuth for 3rd parties’ works?

We will provide you with a code snippet for trttAuth Log In button like the one on the image below. All you have to do is to place on your desired web pages or apps.

Once a user presses the button, a pop-up window with trttAuth will show up with login/Registration form.

trttAuth Log In pop-up

When users provide their credentials via an encrypted SSL connection to Trittium Authorization server, and upon account verification, an Authorization prompt is triggered so that users can grant access to their accounts for 3rd party app or service.

trttAuth authorization prompt

Simple, easy and user-friendly single-key to multiple block-chain apps and services.

3rd parties project benefits

  • Natural access point for the wide Trittium audience.
  • Secure authorization process and user-friendly interface (log in, sign up, password recovery, 2FA).
  • Tech and customer support of user accounts.

Users’ benefits

  • All-in-one account for multiple block-chain based apps and services
  • Data stored on secured Trittium Authorization server
  • Privacy protection delivered by Trittium

The best part is that Trittium will provide the basic package of the trttAuth for FREE to 3rd party services from the crypto space. (Tritium keeps it’s right to charge for some extra service features soon.)

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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