Trtt Loans, Peer to Peer lendings

Loan terms are:

  • Terms: 1 day to two years.
  • APR: 1–100 %.
  • Loan amount: Minimum is 50 Eur.
  • Currencies for the Loan: BTC, ETH, USDT, PAX.
  • Collateral currencies allowed: BTC, Additional coins will be available soon.
  • Collateral %: Minimum is 75% of the loan value.
  • Fees: 360 days — 1%, 361–720 days — 2%, 721–1080 days — 3%.
  • Service fees if paid using Trittium's native currency: 20% discount.
  • Loan To Value Ratio (LTV): LTV Ratio is a calculation used to assess the risk of a loan. A loan with a higher LTV ratio is generally seen as a higher risk and a loan with a lower LTV ratio as lower risk.

LTV and collateral guarantees:

  • 100 USD Loan, for a 1-year term and with an APR 10%.
    If we choose a low LTV = Low risk. (Minimum is 5%), we get this:
    Collateral amount to send to receive the loan: 0.234 BTC, that’s around 2,180 Eur.
  • We will now place the maximum LTV possible of 75% (High Risk).
    This is what we get:

Fees Payments

A loan processing fee will be added to the collateral:
360 days — 1%.
361–720 days — 2%.
721–1080 days — 3%.
Note that service fee payments in TRTT are subject of a 20% discount.

  • Add it to the collateral.
  • Pay in tritium from your trtt wallet balance.
  • Deducting it from the loan.

The trttNodes platform as Guarantee

Both parties, lender and borrower, receive credit reports by email outlining where the debt is, the amount each party is required to send and for what reason. This ensures that all parties are informed and clear of their obligation and situation during the agreement period.



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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.