Trittium - Weeky Report #4

1–15 August 2018
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These days, like almost every summer, a lot of money left crypto so it has been a real drama for the alts and the masternode world.

Let’s see what happened:

As we can see, money has left the market; there is no doubt about that. We have gone from a total market capitalization of 277,770 million dollars since 1st August to the current market capitalization of 203,526 million. That is not a joke, it is a drop of about -27%

As we saw in the last report when we spoke about the end of the BTC bull run (well, little bull run), money had forgotten about crypto. This is typical for the time around August as institutional Money is not put to work or at least, it is not used for significant market movements.

If we exclude the BTC from our analysis, as you can see, the data is a disaster.

Now we have gone from a previous total market capitalization (excluding BTC) of 144,278 million dollar last August 1, down to 94,453 million dollars. That is a very hard hit of about -35%.

And if the crypto market investment goes down -27% and the total capitalization excluding BTC drops -35% what do we get? MORE BTC DOMINANCE

This data clearly shows how the money that remains in crypto has left the alts and taken refuge in BTC, which has gone from a 48% dominance to 53.50%…and all this is happening in addition to the money that has simply abandoned crypto and cashed out.

What does this mean?
This is the real explanation for all the blood we see in market, the RED numbers we see on Crypto Bridge. It doesn’t matter too much which coin you choose, most of them are bleeding and some of them in a very hard way.

Money is leaving crypto, more from alts and even more from masternode projects.

It does not matter too much how a project it actually performing, money is still going out. All a project can do is to continue working hard and wait for those investors who are looking for real and useful projects they can believe in to come back and invest.

In the long term, all the money and more will come back, for sure. Right now though, this is a very volatile market but these cycles are still part of the normal evolution. Take the time instead to be patient and do some in-depth research about the projects you believe in and have invested in for the long term.

You know that patience will pay off, and so here we are.

Let’s see the Masternode world:

Masternodes market capitalization (in BTC) has dropped from 356.172 to 329.399 (-7.5%)

So a tough time to hold…or it at least that’s what it looks like but let’s see what the long term holds. Remember, the BIG difference is that we can hold our rewards and wait for better moments to sell them.


Trittium price action has seen some very unusual behavior in the first 15 days of August.

Fundamental Analysis will give many reasons for this change in behavior. We will look into these in more detail later but we can’t avoid pointing out now the most significant event on price: The company creation and publication of the names of the founders. Clearly this is a massive step and it has had an effect on the price of TRTT this month.

This was the order book last July 26:

And this today’s order book (as at 08–16–2018)

As we can see:

  • The average sale price is now a little higher.
  • The purchase order book is similar, over 3 BTC.
  • The book of sales orders has gone down from 900.000 TRTT to the current 600,000.

Reasons and Conclusions?

- There has been a price peak in this period, reaching close to 600 sats per coin, which was caused by the news of the company creation in Estonia and with that, the names of the founders going pubic together with the details the company.

- The next Trittium fork has been specified and announced, making it clear that the current ROI is not sustainable over time.

- The market dynamics with the existing high inflation sees TRTT return to its previous price range, since the lack of liquidity in the market does not allow it to fully absorb the more than eight masternodes currently being generated daily in rewards.

We have now 1016 active masternodes and each one receives 426 TRTT every day = 432.816 coins created by masternodes owners every day (+staking), that is more than eight masternodes need to be set up every single day to avoid inflation.

In the last 15 days, 64 new masternodes were set up and that is less than we need, so in this kind of situation the price can’t increase. Good news and deployment is huge, but the whole crypto market is weak and cannot buy all the rewards so only the holders will be paid in the long term.

What we can still see though, is that people believe in the project and are coming to buy more and more TRTT as they realize the big future this project has.

Soon inflation will be reduced, and with the beta launch and obtaining the next license, this will put rocket boosters on the price for sure.

Remember this a waiting game. Patience is required.


Every week this section starts with the same phrase, I know, but I can’t avoid using this introduction for these reports when I am speaking about the progress of the Trittium Project:

As always, impressive, spectacular, incredible … there are no adjectives that describe the capacity for work, effort and sacrifice that this team demonstrates day by day.

Let´s remember how these last few days have been:

· July 30: Trittium register the company, just that announcement alone increased the price by 45%. Here are the reactions:

· August 1: Real documents about Company registration are shown:

· August 3, just another week of hard work in Trittium ….

Some task to do … lol.

· Trittium now is easy to deploy with GIN.

· First real marketing campaign videos are released, did you watch them? Just amazing:

Trittium Loans Platform - Borrowers

Trittium Loans Platform - Lenders

· As promised in the last one, a new voice Q&A happened last August 3. Do you know another Project you can speak directly to the real founder and developer? I don’t.

The Know Your Developer verification process has been completed.

· Future Fork is announced.

This is a necessary step to protect all our investments.

This will allow to Trittium get higher Price leaves and avoid the inflation that does not allow us grow in Price as we deserve: A real Project, with real use case and with a great and public team behind it, working hard every day to reach the target: A profitable company where masternode holders can get incomes from the REAL business with a healthy and productive legal company.

· Future Proof of Consumption is revealed and defined: This is a game changer in Masternode world and can only be used in projects with real use cases. It will increase the coin value as the company will have to purchase from the exchange more coins than are being generated.

· New whitepaper, website and roadmap are in progress.

· The new agreement with Xorn Project. This means more incomes into the Trittium Project so that we can get to our new targets sooner than we had planned.

· New bank account opened. This is not a small step. Please realize what this means for a blockchain company in a European country. To reach a Fintech license is a huge step and will let us operate in a very secure environment.

· Trittium team made public with names and LinkedIn profiles, amazing.

· Another project huge step for any project that only happens after months of work, more incredible news. The android wallet is almost ready.

· Another project huge step for any project that only happens after months of work, more incredible news. The android wallet is almost ready.


Incredible, amazing, spectacular…… no words to define what happens here every week

In the worst possible market, here we are with a company that every week makes advances that others only make after seven months of work.

I will only mention some words that happened this last 15 days: Fork, android, bank account, company registration, public names, LinkedIn profiles, agreements and incomes from other projects, proof of consumption, marketing campaign and new videos……

Just thanks, Trittium!!!!!!

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