Trittium — Weekly Report #94


This week 5,000 USD million disappeared from the total market capitalization. But we are still near the “attack area” trying to break all the resistances and tendency lines around the $10,000–10,200 area.

As we said last week, we continue in the same zone. The market does not know yet what to do, and indecision is around. It is not sure if we will be able to break those resistances, and tendency lines are also pushing down the Bitcoin price sooner and sooner, as now tendency line is around the $9,950 area.

As said before, we need to break it asap, or dump will happen sooner or later.

About the BTC dominance, it is happening what we expected last week if you remember. We have been moving all along the 65.8–66.00 area, respecting the triangle support.
It looks like it will hold, and with this, altseason will not happen.
Be careful with your bets here, please.


Dash capitalization is now around 704 USD Million, 38 under past week numbers (-5.12%).

The Dash dominance went down to 45.58%, that’s again lower than seven days ago (- 1 point).

The total masternode market capitalization went down to 1,525 USD million. (-3.84%.)

If we check today’s data, we have:

Masternodes market cap: 1,525 million.(-3.84%).

Masternodes market excluding $Dash: 821 USD million. (-2.72%)

About Trittium market capitalization, we are now at 231,334 USD
(+10.29 %).

With 206,000 nodes running, the total amount of running nodes went down again in 2,000 units.


This was the order book on June 7:

And this is today, June 14:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is higher, at around 18 sats.
  • The buy orders book is deeper, with 0.225 BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is smaller, with 976,368 Trtt for sale.
  • We have now 37,700,000 TRTT (29,17%) coins locked, 700,000 less than seven days ago.


  • Twitter: 1,208 Followers. (-17)
  • Discord: 8,009 (-198).

PoCoN last week:
Burned: 83,116
Sent to investors: 17,416

  • Trtt total coins burned: 5,955,112 Trtt.
  • Trtt total coins sent to investors: 1,623,576 Trtt.

Burning address:

Rewards address:

4. trttNodes PROGRESS.

We just made a new agreement with the Sapphire project.

This will bring us several nodes and new customers. Also, SAPP project has a fantastic future and will grow and launch new projects and coins in the next months.

Keep safe!!.

Thanks for reading!!!!

You can also follow us on the networks below:








Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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