Trittium - Weekly Report #9


Money has left the market this week, but only as part of the usual changes seen in 2018 so far. We have spent months with price of BTC rangebound between $6,100-$6,850. Let’s hope to finally get out of this to the topside.

It is not a bad situation for some of the altcoins and we have seen large pumps in their prices. An example of that this week would be OCN.

Here we can see the Total Market Capitalization has grown by 2.5%, which is not a significant amount.

As for the market dominance of BTC, we go back to the old ways. BTC has finally increased its market cap dominance in the last week, although it has not increased too much. BTC is currently standing at 52.55% of the Total Market Capitalization compared to 51.18% last week, when it had fallen for the first time in many months.


The Market Cap of Dash continues to decline, down from $1,561m to $1,489m.

On the other hand, the Total Market Capitalization for masternodes HAS GROWN. A LOT!!

This is about an 18.7 % increase. This is huge news and cause for some celebration.

We have seen two consecutive weeks where there has been an increase in the total marketcap for masternodes. We can start to think about if this might signal change in the overall trend.

Right now, people are coming back to invest in Masternodes. It doesn’t matter which project is bringing new funds back in, what is important right now is that money is returning to our small sector.

What this means is that investors are not running away from the masternode market as some had started to think. Once the money returns, it is only a matter of time before the market filters and selects the most serious and profitable projects for the long term.

And for that, Trittium is here firing on all cylinders getting ready for launch and preparing to show the market what enormous potential it has in this space.

The other metric we always follow, but have only recently commented on, is the number of masternodes deployed.

If you remember, throughout 2018 the approximate MN creation rate was approximately 1,000 new nodes per day. Last week we noted there had been a decline in the pace of new masternodes and a slow down in the growth of deployments.

Well, it seems like that lousy trend is also reversing and what we are finding now is that we are approaching a rate close to 1,000 new nodes per day:

September 30: 237,028 Active Masternodes.

October 7: 243,900 Active Masternodes.

Growth: + 2,8% = 981 new masternodes per day.

Seems like masternodes are back!!!!


It’s true that this really has not been a good week for the price of $TRTT. Reasons? The fork has finished and it’s time to face reality. As we have said many times, this is a long term project so we simply can´t maintain a 300% or 500% ROI to our investors. The economics will just not work at that rate, for any project.

Today the actual ROI is about 52%. I can understand that some people are thinking they won’t wait and see if Trittium gets their license or not, and instead they will sell and look for rewards from some other project with a higher ROI.

BUT what these people do not realize is that WE ARE TRITTIUM. New deployments come every month. The license will happen in less than one month. The Trittium masternodes are still paying their rewards. Long term investors have confidence in us that sooner or later $TRTT will be a thousand sat coin and then, they will be the people who receive the rewards.

To be truly successful in the masternode market, you have to think long term and hold on to those projects which are developing real use case products. Real projects, like Trittium.

Let’s have a look at the order book:

And this one is from today (07 October 2018):

As we can see:

- The average sale price is now lower, around 230 sats.

- The purchase order book is about 4 BTC, so lower than last week but still higher than the week before that.

- The sales orders book is smaller than last week, at around 610,000 TRTT.

- We now have 12 masternodes in the sale order book and 40 masternodes in the purchase order book.

It is indisputable that the price has decreased from the previous week. We have to remember that we are going through the desert waiting for the license, when it arrives we can unfold our project.

Right now though, with the price where it is, the smart money may just be looking at TRTT. The number of masternodes for sale has gone down and this could be because we have just had a shake out of those short term investors we mentioned earlier.

On 30 September there were a total of 1239 masternodes deployed and on 07 October there were 1251, which is an average of about 1.7 new masternodes per day. In other words, perhaps some of that new money we have seen coming into the masternode market is looking at the Trittium Project!

In the coming days we will be launching our new TrttNode service, which is undoubtedly going to change the masternodes hosting market and will allow us to generate another new revenue stream for the project and for Trittium investors thanks to Proof of Consumption (POC).


What happens in Trittium regarding the development and evolution of the project in any week takes months to occur in other projects.

Without a doubt a great week of advances, as always !!!!

  • As part of our agreement with Midas for the use of our mobile and web wallet services, they have become our reference partner for the shared node service:

On 01 October we started to reveal some of the details about our next hosting service, TrttNodes:

We also included some screenshots:

In addition, LPC and LGS will also be integrated into our trttNodes service:

Finally, in the same announcement we also get:

  • E-Residency. As confirmed, all agreed and according to plan.
  • Web and mobile wallets Balance Sync.
  • TrttNode deployment next week!!!!


  • The TrttNode is yet another new and innovative way the Trittium Project adds service and value for the use of TRTT. In summary, TrttNode provides:
  • Auto reinvestment option.
  • Instant Rewards.
  • Instant withdraws.
  • Fees: 9$/Month for full nodes and 4% rewards for insta share with a 25% discount planned for the next release when fees are paid in TRTT
  • The TrttNode service feeds in benefits to our investors and for the first two months:
  • Fees from Trittium hosted nodes =
  • 50% Burn.
  • 50% Goes back to $trtt masternode holders.
  • Fees from nodes hosting other platforms =
  • All coins from the native platform will be sold on the market for BTC to fund the purchase of TRTT which will then be sent to Trittium Masternode holders as POC.


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Originally published at on October 9, 2018.




Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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