Trittium — Weekly Report #64


The total Crypto Marcet Capitalization is now 6,000 USD Million smaller than seven days ago (-2.42%).

Not a significant amount. It also looks like markets will recover soon from this situation.

About $BTC, yes, death cross happened, and now MA200 is above MA50, but it happened 15 days ago, and we didn’t see any significant correction. Even BTC broke the descending channel where it was since June.
I think we have reasons to be optimistic, but you know, this is crypto, anything can happen.

About BTC Dominance, it reached the actual 68.46% range, more than one point less than the previous week and looks like some alt start to receive some money. This week we will see if support holds and Dominance goes up again.


Dash couldn’t enjoy a good week; it started to recover two days ago, and finally is just 0.92 points under past week total capitalization, with 645 USD Million.

Actual Dash dominance is around 59.29%, similar to the previous week.

About masternodes total market, the capitalization is similar to last week, 1,078 USD million.

If we check past Sunday closing data, we have:

Masternodes market 1,078 million (-1.28 %)

Dash market capitalization 645 USD million. (-0.92 %)

Masternodes market excluding $Dash: 433 USD million. (-1.81 %)

About Trittium market capitalization, we are now at 571,664 USD
(+1.6 %).

With around 232,000 nodes running, we have 5,000 fewer nodes running than the previous week.


As expected, we are recovering from the lower part of the channel where we were seven days ago and going now to the upper side.

About price and market orders, This was the order book on November 3:

And this is the actual one, today, November 10:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is a bit higher to the previous week, 50–52 sats.
  • The buy orders book is higher, with 0.23 BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is higher with 182,703 trtt for sale.
  • We have now 66,100,000 TRTT (51,14%) coins locked, 250,000 more than the previous week.


  • Twitter: 1,226 Followers. (+13)
  • Discord: 7,470 (-222 members).

PoCoN This week:(November 3 to November 10)

Burned: 100,000
Sent to investors: 24,000.

  • Trtt total coins burned: 3,090,000 Trtt.

Burning address:

Tree million coins burned!!!! Amazing!!!

  • trttPay launched!!!!

This week we launched our solution to buy your Trittium coins directly from the platform. For now, you can buy Trittium with Bitcoin, soon we will also release ETH payments, and in some weeks we will launch Credit Card payments.

These articles explain trttPay:

  • Trittium reached an agreement with Masters Of Nodes.


4. trttNodes PROGRESS.

Last week data:

And today, November 10:

Instant Masternodes Running: +1.30%
Cold nodes running: -3.93%
Investments: +46

Last ten weeks graph:

  • New coins listed this week as insta nodes and cold nodes: WIPCoin.
  • Actual Premium Integration Projects: STREAMIT, GEXAN, LIVENODES, ESBC and UKC.
  • Polis nodes are running again at the trttNodes platform.

We continue deploying and launching new services, as promised.

See you soon!!

Thanks for reading our weekly!!!

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