Trittium - Weekly Report #6

23 August - 2 September 2018
7 min readSep 6, 2018

Finally, the market has given us a reason to celebrate.

It has been a long time since this amount of money has entered the crypto market ; even several Altcoins have provided big benefits. For example, DASH (I hope that you had previously invested in this cryptocurrency).

The market cap has increased by 16% — from $205.883 million USD to $238.899 million USD. Very few markets have the ability to deteriorate and recover as fast as the crypto market.

This volatility demonstrates the potential of our investments in cryptocurrency, as we never know where we will gain our next 100x.

If we exclude Bitcoin , and only review ALTs . . .wow — look at this graph!

We have finally grown!

We have increased by 17% — from $97.132 million USD on August 23, 2018 to $113.641 million USD on September 2, 2018.

It is unusual that there is an increase in both BTC and in the ALTs. Because many of them have similar patterns and have bottomed out, investors have taken the opportunity to purchase various ALTs at prices that had never been seen. Additionally, they are hoping for more large gains now that we have entered September, which is a month of work and that has institutional money running at 100%.

Although BTC remains dominant in the crypto market, there are no significant differences in growth between BTC and the ALTs. BTC grew by 16% and the ALTS grew by 17%, so it remains like last week at approximately 52–53%.

Next, let’s review the masternodes market.


Volume over the past 24 hours has been $193 million USD, the market cap is currently $2.664 million USD, and our dear DASH is dominating 67.59% of the market.

FINALLY, after nearly four months, we can completely affirm that the masternodes market has grown. Without a doubt, more money has been invested.

We have grown from 310.229 BTC to 368.862 BTC, which is approximately a 19% increase.

Although this week we will also introduce a comparison of market caps in dollars, I suspect that we will notice some revealing data.

Again, we can see how the market cap has also grown in dollars — from $1.964 million USD to the current $2.664 million USD, which is an increase of 35.65%. Since the market cap in BTC and the price of BTC has been raised, there is a multiplier effect that is providing us with that fantastic 35.65% increase.

This seems to be great news for everyone, right? As it turns out, our leader in the masternodes market, DASH, is responsible for this increase.

These days, DASH has gone from a market cap of $1.131 million USD to a dizzying $1.806 million USD, which is an increase of 59.68%.

If we remove DASH (which is dominating the masternodes market), we can see that the market cap increase for the remaining masternodes has gone from $833 million USD to $858 million USD. This analysis indicates that the market cap, when excluding DASH, has only grown by an abysmal 3%.

In conclusion, the market cap that is the most worrisome for Trittium has not had a week of excessive growth and the money that has been invested into the crypto market has gone to more stable projects. We are hopeful that in the future, investors will become attracted to our market and not only to DASH.


The last 10 days started almost the same as we finished the previous period; we were supported on the 300 sats and there was a time of stability while we were waiting on new developments and commercial agreements with third parties.

On Thursday, August 28, 2018, the possibility of making the fork was announced despite not having received the license. On Saturday, August 30, 2018, it was confirmed that the much anticipated fork would arrive in 15 days.

This has affected the Trittium market as several investors who seek high returns on their investments (ROI) began to abandon the project, which undoubtedly influenced the price.

This was the order book as of August 23, 2018.

And this is the order book as of September 2, 2018.

The order book indicates the following:

  • The average sale price has decreased to approximately 270 sats.
  • The purchase order book has increased and is now over 4.9 BTC.
  • The book of sales orders is less than last week, around 550,000 coins.

This information means that there are now 11 masternodes in sales orders and 37 masternodes in buying orders, which is a clear sign of the strength of the project and its incredible future.

Additionally, the purchase orders continue to triple sales orders — currently, we have 1,107 active nodes compared to 1,061 last week.

Despite the news, Trittium continues to receive strong support from its community. Investors are aware of the project situation, the passion and faith of the team, and that all our business operations are conducted with honesty and transparency; therefore, there is no reason to stop investing in a project that will undoubtedly be launched.

Remember this an exercise in patience.


As always, the past several days have not been uneventful at Trittium. The following is a brief synopsis of what has happened.

  • Finally, on August 24, 2018, we became members of the Apple Developer Program.
  • On August 25, 2018, we received a free listing in the Aiodex Exchange because we received over 1,000 community votes.
  • The announcement was made regarding modifications to the new website and the new WP. Additionally, there may be a legal complication that will prevent us from launching the beta version of the platform prior to having the license. There is also the possibility of new agreements with third parties that would allow them to use our exclusive software.
  • An announcement was also made regarding the imminent deployment of the instant shared nodes service, which includes an agreement with a new third project. We will offer a hosting service after it is launched. Furthermore, the community is being urged to participate in a debate regarding whether the fork should be postponed until the license has been granted and whether we should launch the loan platform in its beta format.
  • On August 30, 2018, it was finally announced that the fork would arrive within two weeks. Initially, the rewards will decrease to 80 coins per block; however, the objective is to reduce inflation and help the Trittium price to grow.
  • Last Friday, August 31, 2018, a corporate account, which was created on behalf of MisterTango, was announced.

As you can see, these days have been intense. While we are still working on the development of a mobile version of our web wallet and on improving the platform and means of payment, we are waiting for the final license. Once received, we will officially become a real project and a public-oriented company.

Simultaneously, WP and the web are being updated so that adequate communication can be provided to our investors and customers. The purpose behind this is to ensure that Trittium is ready on all fronts when it is time to dominate the broad market.

The fork was a necessary measure that we would have to have taken sooner or later. Additionally, the potential — yet momentary — fall in price is inevitable while we wait for the license to arrive, as a change in investors is necessary. Investors who previously sought the highest ROI and who hoped to make a quick profit are giving way to the long-term investors who are looking for growth in currency prices and for stability in the medium and long-term.

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