Trittium — Weekly Report #54

August 25 to September 1


Crypto market investments went down this week, 248,000 USD million are now invested in the crypto market, 17,000 million less than 7sevendays ago.

About Bitcoin, you can see we are into the descending channel.

About BTC Dominance, it continues growing again, at 71,69%.(1.19 points more than the previous week). No mercy for alts.


$Dash continues bleeding, as most of the alts. Actual $Dash Market Capitalization is 714 USD Million, 112 million less than the previous week (-13.55%).

With this, Dash Dominance is now at 52,91 % almost 2 points less than seven days ago.

If we check Saturdays closing data, we have:

Masternodes market 1,339 USD million (-12.82%)

Dash market capitalization 714 USD million. (-13.55%)

Masternodes market excluding $Dash: 625 USD million. (-6.99%)

About Trittium market capitalization, we are at 816,931 USD (+16.53%).

With around 226,699 nodes running, we have a similar amount running than the previous week.


It looks like we are into a symmetric triangle here. Anything can happen. Let’s wait.

About price and market orders, This was the order book on August 25:

And this one is today, September 1:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is higher than the previous week, 61–65 sats.
  • The buy orders book is more significant, with 0.48 BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is similar, with 1,347,000 Trtt for sale.
  • We have now 27 masternodes in sell orders and 14 in buying orders. The ratio is better than seven days ago.
  • We have now 43,850,000 TRTT (34.32%) coins locked,23 million less than seven days ago. (This is because of technical issues at the trttNodes platform probably.)


  • Twitter: 848 Followers. (+11))
  • Discord: 7,425 (+38 members).
  • PoCoN This week:( August 25 to September 1)
    Burned: 158,429
    Sent: -
  • Trtt total coins burned: 2,105,718
  • We reached 2 Million Trtt burned!!!
  • New exchange listing!!!! We are listed now at New Capital Exchange with the pair Twins/Trtt. This is the launching of a partnership that will allow us and they deploy new solutions for both projects. In the next days, we will explain the upcoming features to launch regarding this agreement.

4. trttNodes PROGRESS.

Last week data:

And today:

Instant Masternodes Running: +5.86%
Cold nodes running: +54.65%
Investments: +1.53%

New coins listed this week as cold nodes: Ara, Super 8 and Send.

  • We reached 5,000 nodes running this week. We have now, as you can see above 1,571 insta nodes and 3,588 cold nodes running.
  • New ZEL nodes guides created:

It looks like this was a good week for Trittium. More to come!!!!

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