Trittium — Weekly Report #47

July 7 to July 14

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Bad week for the crypto markets, 293,000 USD millions are invested now, it is 27,000 USD million less than seven days ago (-8.41%).

We can see how BTC broke the trend line by the downside.

About BTC dominance, at 68,16% nothing to add. Alts must wait for the money. If we don’t reach a <60% dominance, we will not see alts price grow.


Dash market cap went down to 1,156 USD millions (-16.89%), and his dominance went to 57,25%, almost 1 point more than last week. These are not good news for the masternode world.

If we check Saturdays closing data, we have:

Masternodes market sank hard and has now a market capitalization of 2,006 USD millions (-17.58%)

Saturday, June 22, data:

Total Masternodes market 2,006 USD million (-17.58%)

Dash market capitalization 1,255 USD million. (-8,72 %)

Masternodes market excluding $Dash: 751 USD million. (-29%)

About Trittium market capitalization, we are at 755,032 USD (-18,13%).

With around 236,000 nodes running, the market has 2,800 nodes less running than the previous week.


Tritium, like all the market, sank again, and hard. We need to break this white trend line to get some price raising.

About price and market orders, This was the order book on July 7:

And this one is today, July 14:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is smaller than last week, around 50–55 sats
  • The buy orders book is more significant, with 0.30 BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is thinner, with 1,518,000 Trtt for sale.
  • We have now 30 masternodes in sell orders and 11 in buying orders. The ratio is better than last week but still ugly.
  • We have now 65,200,000 TRTT (51.99%) coins locked, 600,000 coins less than the previous week.

Awful week for the Trittium project if we check the numbers. We see some green areas, but we need a stronger Alts market to avoid this situation.


Twitter: 271 followers. (+9)

Remember, this account is new. Are you following us? Do it!!!

  • Discord: 7,636 members (+1.85%).
  • PoCoN This week:(July 7 to July 14)
    Burned: 38,273
    Sent: 38,273
  • Trtt total coins burned: 1,451,440

Check it here:

  • On July 10, the trttNodes platform made a long term (No limit data) price discount and reduced our base fee from 5€ to 4 € per full insta node per month.
  • Trittium is now listed at Now you can see new links to our platform into some of their listed coins.

Also, we have now a banner there:

4. trttNodes PROGRESS.

Last week data:

And today:

New coins listed: 8
Instant Masternodes Running: +1.19%
Cold nodes running: -1.59%
Investments: +1.98%

Coins listed this week as instanodes and cold nodes: Arch Trade, Galactrum, FIX, NPC Coin, Crypto Casino, Agora, Hoolibet.

Coins listed this week just as Cold Nodes: Stakecube.

Our platform continues growing; we are making a bigger and bigger community every week. Better times will come.

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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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