Trittium — Weekly Report #36

April 21 to April 28

Actual Market Capitalization is 172,130 USD Million, around 5% smaller than last week. These numbers mean that the actual $BTC capitalization is around 93,605 USD millions.
See the $BTC market capitalization under 100,000 USD million is not good news.

Bitcoin dominance continues increasing, and now it is at 54,35%, 2 points higher than last week.

As we said at past week report, Alts market is bleeding hard now.


Dash market capitalization is 969 USD millions, more than 10 points smaller than the previous week. As we said before, Alts are bleeding.

Dash dominance is now at 59.39%….. if Dash loses 10% market capitalization and at the same time keeps the Dominance %, for certain Masternodes market is much smaller. Let´s see

Total masternodes Capitalization is now at 1,595 USD millions, -11.68 points than last week.

Total Masternodes market, 1,595 USD million. (-11.68 %)

$Dash market capitalization: 969 USD million. (-10.36%)

Masternodes market excluding $Dash: 626 USD million. (-13.65 %)

About Trittium market capitalization, we are now at 748,944 USD (+13.81%)

With 240,977 nodes running, we have around 600 nodes running less than last week.

Masternodes world has the same behaviour as alts have, continues waiting for better times.


Finally, it looks like we stopped bleeding and better times comes for us.

First weekly green candle after four red ones.

About price and market orders, This was the order book on April 21:

And this one is today, April 28:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is higher, around 115–120 sats.
  • The buy orders book is higher, with 87 BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is thinner than last week, with 1,122,000 Trtt for sale.
  • We have now 22 masternodes in sell orders and 15 masternodes in buying orders. The ratio is a bit better than last week.
  • We have now 64,500,000 TRTT (53,43%) coins locked, 1.400.000 coins less than last week.

These data undoubtedly throw hope of recovery for us.

In a week in which the Alts market has fallen, with the BTC dominance increasing daily and with Dash increasing his Dominance at the same time, few projects have been able to show a green candle this week.
The reasons behind our first step towards recovery are clear:
- New platform launched.
- Continuous work and effort demonstrated every day by the devs team.
- Proven technical capacity.
- Leadership in insta shared nodes.
- Ability to adapt to increasingly complicated markets.
- Attempt to maintain our main objective: Launch of the lending platform.


  • Twitter: 0 followers. As you know Trittium official (@trittium_cc)account and some of our followers’ ones, have been suspended by Twitter (
  • We decided to create a new Twitter account.
    This account will represent trttNodes.
    Follow us!!!!
  • Discord: 6,719 members (+0.35%).
  • PoCoN This week:(April 21 to April 28)
    Burned: 32,118
    Sent: 32,118
  • Total Burned: 774,627. Check it here:
  • This previous week we have had to make some explicit clarification about the Trittium project situation, since it seems that the FUD seized some old investor, recently turned into a hater.
    Of course, the community understood it and his reaction was clear: +20% in price. Thanks!!!
  • Masternode Buzz made an article about our new trttNodes platform, check it:
  • Some new marketing tools have been deployed. Now you can find a direct banner and link to our platform in some of the coins listed at Masternode Buzz, here one example:
  • All along the week a lot of people asked about the license situation. We don't hide anything related to it, just we don't have news to share. Anyway this is the situation:

In case of license things just went wrong, we try to resolve it …

That’s the official answer we got from March 21.. That’s the second reply, on the First reply we submitted state level… eventually, we were told that while having US citizens on Board it keep rejected, something that changed recently in Estonia.. when we applied we didn't know about.

and our lawyer didn't know as well….

we are the first company in MN area that applies to this license, I don't know anyone that received it at the moment from MN coins.. so yes, the road is bumpier then we thought .. but we will get there

You can use google translate on the phone to translate the picture .. it should work...

also, keep in mind every time we apply we pay about 3k fees…

Last week data:

Actual data:

New coins listed: 2
Masternodes running: +5.35%
Investments: +2.77%

Coins listed this week: Fun Time Coin -FUNC- and Prometheus 59 -P59-.

But we have had more news this week:

  • We launched the new platform UI, an amazing tool that all the users loves.

You can read about the new features in this article:

And check this Video explaining it:

  • And don't forget about the 3rd community voting!!!
    We started recently the 3rd vote on the #community-campaigns folder, at our Discord server, and YOU decided what coin could get 15 days free hosting at the trttNodes platform.
    Community decided, and Bettex Coin — BTXC won, with 43 votes. So, BTXC shared nodes investments have no fees for the next 15 days, until the next Wednesday, May 8, at the trttNodes platform !!!!

All that we told here, happened in just 7 days!!!!

As you could read, a great week for Trittium project.

We continue working!!!!

You can also follow us on the networks below:








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