Trittium — Weekly Report #35

April 14 to April 21
5 min readApr 21, 2019


We saw some sideways these days but looking to the top side of the chart.
We reached 180,195 USD Millions, +4.15.
Really, not a significant change, looks like the market seems undecided, not knowing whether to attack the 5,500 or return to the 4,800 area.

Bitcoin dominance is now at 52.37%, 1.37 more points than last week, and some alts looking ugly now.


Dash market looks similar than seven days ago, with 30 USD million more as Market Capitalization. Not a big change.

Dash Dominance is now at 60%, similar range to the previous week.

Total masternodes Capitalization is now at 1,806 USD millions, 2.67 points more than the last week.

Total Masternodes market, 1,806 USD million. (2.67 %)

$Dash market capitalization: 1,081 USD million. (2.81%)

Masternodes market excluding $Dash: 725 USD million. (4.92 %)

About Trittium market capitalization, we are now at 658,034 USD (-19.03%)

With 241,586 nodes running, we have around 400 nodes running more than last week.

Masternodes world continues waiting for better times.

About trittium, we will speak now.


Horrible week for Trittium, one of the worst as I remember, that’s the truth.

Masternodes market is easy to manipulate, as his low liquidity can make someone to control it in a secure way. TA patterns are invalid most of the times. Here we can see a clear bullish pattern (Dragonfly) invalidated.

At the end wev have had a really bad week for the Trittium price, and some external factors are affecting the cost of the currency.

The only positive point from this (If we can find some) is that we are burning more coins from the market, as more trtt are needed to pay the fees.

It is a matter of time that people realize that they are burning money by selling each trittium. The Trtt will be necessary to pay the fees for the hosting and loans, that is an immovable reality.
Each day we are closer to consuming more than we generate. Mathematics is on our side.

About price and market orders, This was the order book on April 14:

And this one is today, April 21:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is much lower, around 100–105 sats.
  • The buy orders book is thinner, with only 0.75 BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is similar than last week, with 1,331,000 Trtt for sale.
  • We have now 25 masternodes in sell orders and 15 masternodes in buying orders. The ratio is worse than last week.
  • We have now 64,500,000 TRTT (53,43%) coins locked, 1.400.000 coins less than last week.

Data are much worse than last week when we could see even some recuperation sign.


  • Twitter: 0 followers. As you know Trittium official (@trittium_cc)account and some of our followers’ ones, have been suspended by Twitter (
  • We will launch a new Twitter address soon.
  • Discord: 6,695 members (+1.99%).
  • PoCoN This week:(April 7 to April 14)
    Burned: 34,222
    Sent: 34,222
  • Total Burned: 742,509. Check it here:
  • Sadly, one of our investors have been hacked at his personal computer, and 1.750,000 coins have been sent for sale to the market. This is affecting us in price, as you know.
  • But we also want to be clear about this:
    This was a personal hack, trttNodes has never been hacked.
    Your funds are safe with us.

4. trttNodes PROGRESS.

Last week data:

Actual data:

New Coins: 4
Masternodes running: +3.41%
Investments: +2.94%

Coins listed this week: ProfitBase Coin, Security Donations, Bitsbee, and Empire Coin.

We have had a bad week for the trtt price that’s true, but we can not forget that the reasons for this price behaviour are not in the project progress or the teamwork or some bad news related to the project. The reasons are related to external factors that we can not control, the same as we can not control the price.

I feel like we should remember where are we now:

  • Platform: Near 2,000 insta shared nodes running.
  • Platform: We will launch a new new design with new features soon.
  • We are still in beta phase, 93 nodes running.
  • Loans: We are waiting for some related news. Stay tuned.
  • Price: We burn coins, we consume coins and we are not selling the trtt at the market. The price will recover, sooner or later, it’s a matter of time, nothing else.

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