Trittium — Weekly Report #31


Wideways movements, not too bad.

We are now at 139,863 USD million invested at crypto, same than last week.

Bitcoin dominance is now at 50.54%, fewer than last weeks, and last month. This sideways movement, as you know, is perfect for alts, that’s the reason we see some of them pumping.

Alts market capitalization is similar to the previous week, so, no real changes. Money is moving from one to other alts.


Dash is at the same levels than past weeks, no real changes happened in its total market capitalization. But it has a great chart now, can explode soon, unless $BTC spoils the party.

Dash dominance is now at 54.28%, almost 0.80 points more than last week.

Total masternodes Capitalization is now at 1,469 USD millions, a similar amount to last Sunday.

Total Masternodes market, 1,469 USD million. (+0.89 %)

$Dash market capitalization:807 USD million. (+0.12%)

Masternodes market excluding $Dash: 662 USD million. (+1.84%)

About Trittium market capitalization, we are now at 850,832 USD (-4.25%)

With 239,436 nodes running, the amount is now about 2,400 nodes higher than last week.


Finally, we got out of the channel after 3 weeks in it. And now we created a potential bull flag pattern.

About price and market orders, This was the order book on March 18:

And this one is today, March 24:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is lower, around 180 sats.
  • The buy orders book is thinner, with1.19 $BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is higher, with 895,000 Trtt for sale.
  • We have now 18 masternodes in sell orders and 13 masternodes in buying orders. The ratio is much worse than last week.
  • We have now 65,700,00 TRTT (56,00%) coins locked. 1,750,000 trtt less than last week.

So, we have worse data than last week, I guess that halving is the reason to explain these worse data.


  • Twitter: 2,260 followers.
    Discord: 6,291 members.
  • PoCoN This week:(March 18 to March 24)
    Burned: 26,171
    Sent: 26,171
  • Total Burned: 644,516
  • We reached block 459,990, with it, as scheduled, rewards halved, now rewards per block are 20 Trtt. (80% masternodes= 16 Trtt and 20% stakers = 4 Trtt).

4. trttNodes PROGRESS.

Last week data:

Today data:

New Coins: 2
Masternodes running: +0.77%
Investments: +3.92%

Coins listed this week: SkyHubCoin and Beez.

  • Cold Nodes beta launching is in progress. More and more nodes are deployed with us.
  • Platform upgrade: We made some internal changes that allows us to provide a faster platform.
  • Did you see the new dashboard? Now you only see the coins where you have balance >0.

We continue working and improving our services.

Stay tuned!!!

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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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