Trittium — Weekly Report #26

The week had not had any major movement, and the total market capitalization has remained stable at around 121 billion.
Until this morning of Monday 28, in which 4,000 million dollars have just entered the market. Leaving us the total capitalization around $126,000 million. Let´s hope it stands!!!!.

Bitcoin dominance, 52,16%, almost 1 point less than last week…. Alt season?

Despite what Twitter says, this week, the money has not gone to the alts until this morning´s rise. Its capitalization has grown by 3.4%, leaving it at 60.246 million dollars.


$Dash, the masternode world reference, increased his market capitalization (and price) in about 48 USD millions, +7.3%!!! (Remember last week, Dash increased his market cap. another 8%).

With this, $Dash dominance goes to 58%, around 3 points more than last week (Last week $Dash increased his dominance also a +3%)

With this we have a great increase at $Dash capitalization…. but not too much in the total masternodes market, this is, only Dash grew this week. Bad news for Masternodes like Trittium.

Since last week these are the big data changes:

Total Masternodes market, 1,178 USD million. (+4.6%)

$Dash market capitalization:698 USD million. (+9%)

Masternodes market excluding $Dash: 480 USD million.(-1.6%)

About Trittium market capitalization, we are now at 925,334 USD (-2.3%)

With 247,302 nodes running in the whole market, the amount is now about 1,000 nodes fewer than the previous week.


Looks like we are forming a symmetrical triangle. As we are on an uptrend I think we will see an upside breakout. Let´s see what happens.

About price and market orders, This was the order book on February 10:

And this one is today, February 18:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is lower, around 215–225 sats (excluding bots)
  • The buy orders book is similar, with 1.33 $BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is much higher, with 820,000 $Trtt for sale.
  • We have now 16 masternodes in sell orders and 13 masternodes in buying orders. The ratio is worse than last week.
  • We have a similar amount locked at nodes now with 63,400,000 TRTT (56,04%).

So, as we can see, data are not stronger than last week, but the market does not help to the actual situation, anyway, a lot of things are coming to Trittium the next days, so I keep my bullish feeling.


Awesome week, a lot of things are happening now at Trittium. Look:

  • Nik Patel made this awesome and whole report about us. Please read it, as a neutral opinion from an expert is always welcome in our project:
  • This week we also started with PoCon distribution. This distribution is for ALL the Trittium Masternode investors, and is real!!! For now, we made the test, and it worked perfectly.
  • New team member!!! TRTT Price Bot is now integrated into our Discord server. He will send us information about trtt Price in different exchanges.

4. trttNodes PROGRESS.

Here, we never stop!!!! Growing and growing.
One investor told me that could be a good idea to update the weekly report with the total amount of nodes running at the trttNodes platform.
As promised,

Trittium nodes running: 507.
Total amount of nodes running: 1,330

  • Coins listed:
    $trtt, $xgs, $xorn, $BND, $lpc, $lcg, $midas, $becn, $ingy, $dashg, $rcrt, $rupx, $evos, $thc, $nzl, $roco, $quot, $lrm, $esbc, $altbet, $hth, $gic, $pcr, $mcpc, $sins, $peg,$cato, $nxb, $cfl, , $Alqo, $aeg, $sxy, $shpo, $dkpc, $marc, $bgx,$wage, $rea, $hdrx, $bir, $pdg, $klks, $dogec, $ctt, $tdc, $dev, $dachx, $dmme, $ichiba
  • Coins listed this week: $KTS, $GRINC.
  • Coins near to be listed:$Polis, $GBX, …..
  • We started the week with an incredible airdrop. DMme, one of the newest and more promising projects partnered with us and we made a 3 DMme airdrop per person!!!
  • The Crypto Invest Project (CTT) Developer, believes in us and our daily work, that’s the reason he supports us hardly in their own Discord channel. We wish them to continue with their incredible success!!!!
  • We are near to launch trttselect, an innovative service where some projects will have all the Trittium and trttNodes support. Soon we will explain more about this new feature.
  • Yes, we also make mistakes, that’s the truth. So, when we have to stop some nodes… how do we compensate you? In this case, paying 5x what our investors didn’t receive.

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