Trittium — Weekly Report #25

February 3 to February 10
5 min readFeb 10, 2019

This week is clear, the money entered into the crypto market, 6,000 USD million invested more than last week. Crypto market has now a total market capitalization of 121,000 USD million.
Let´s hope don’t see a Bart draw form as the continuation.

Bitcoin dominance, 52,92%, similar to last week.

Alts capitalization market had a similar behaviour to the total market, 3,000 million invested into alts, that’s a 5.55% more capitalization than last week, similar to total market growth.

That means, if the market received 6,000 new millions this week, about 50% went to $BTC and the other 50% came directly to the alts market.


$Dash market recovered really strong from last weeks, as we had new lows in a long time frame, but we got a +8% this week, standing now with a total market capitalization of $635 million.

Dash dominance is now at 55.75% 3 points more than last week. Easy to understand, as people are in investing hard into it.

When money comes, it comes to everywhere, and almost $100 million have been invested at masternodes, we know that 50 million went to Dash, but now also can see that another 50 USD million have been invested into masternodes, excluding Dash. No doubt, great news.

Since last week these are the big data changes:

Total Masternodes market, 1,123 USD million. (+8.92%)

$Dash market capitalization:635 USD million. (+11%)

Masternodes market excluding $Dash: 488 USD million.(+6.31%)

About Trittium market capitalization, we are now at 947,000 USD (+1,17%)

With 248,862 nodes running in the whole market, the amount is now about 7,000 nodes higher than the previous week.


Trittium continues his own way, does not mind too much what $BTC or market capitalization, as we are a too small project. I think our numbers and price growth depends on every news and development we make all over the week.

Trittium seems to be into a rising channel, which shows high growth potential for the coming weeks.

About price and market orders, This was the order book on February 3:

And this one is today, February 10:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is lower, around 230–240 sats (excluding bots)
  • The buy orders book is much smaller, with 1.37 $BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is higher, with 508,000 $Trtt for sale.
  • We have now 10 masternodes in sell orders and 12 masternodes in buying orders. The ratio is much worse than last week.
  • We have much more coins locked at nodes now with 63,600,000 TRTT (57,31%). That´s 3 points more of locked coins than last week (And 3,600,000 coins more)

So, as we can see, some of the data shows weakness points, but at the same time, we have much more coins locked and a great chart, so I really think we will continue growing in price.


  • We just finished some really difficult weeks for our devs, as a lot of wallet updates was useless. To this,- we have to add the difficulties with the Crypto Bridge wallet, which fortunately have been overcome.
  • We burned 200,000 $trtt!!!!
    What will happen now? PoCon will start for all the Trittium masternode holders in about 10 days from now (we will ann exact date) What does this mean? All the masternode holders will receive everyday a portion of our incomes from our platform services. (25%)
    Everyday we will burn another 25% of our trtt incomes.
    Other 50% goes to pay our internal costs.
    This amounts will be registered and will increase our official statistics data (ROI and Supply)
    You can find more information about PoCon in our Whitepaper v2.0 —
    And a small explanation in this article: PoCon at Trittium —
  • Do you like graphic design? We are looking for a design, and we launched a contest. Prize:15,000 trtt!!!

4. trttNodes PROGRESS.

  • Coins listed:
    $trtt, $xgs, $xorn, $BND, $lpc, $lcg, $midas, $becn, $ingy, $dashg, $rcrt, $rupx, $evos, $thc, $nzl, $roco, $quot, $lrm, $esbc, $altbet, $hth, $gic, $pcr, $mcpc, $sins, $peg,$cato, $nxb, $cfl, , $Alqo, $aeg, $sxy, $shpo, $dkpc, $marc, $bgx,$wage, $rea, $hdrx, $bir, $pdg, $klks, $dogec, $ctt, $tdc, $dev, $dachx.
  • Coins listed this week: $dmme, $ichiba.
  • Coins near to be listed:$Polis.
  • DMME coin listed with a special price: 3€ per full node per month.

We are working on a new landing page, new platform design and more and more new features.

These are some previous images about what we will release soon:

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