Trittium - Weekly Report #17

December 9 to December 16


One more week….. down again.

Lately, all the reports start in the same way. With $BTC going down every week… I really miss the stable price level around $6,500.

Currently, the $BTC rests on the 3,270 dollars. We hope that these levels will hold ….

For the past seven days, we lost $6,582 million, that is -5,9%.

The $BTC Dominance? It grows again to 54,94%, just like the past weeks.


$Dash continued going down and reached a new yearly low record this week at 497 USD million Market Capitalization.

It seemed to be recovering, and now it´s total Market Capitalization is 551 USD Million, that is another -5,4% this week.

$Dash dominance is now at 55,92%, a little over compared to the last week.

When $Dash dominance increases and masternodes total market is smaller, what we get is less money invested in all the masternode world (Excluding Dash).

So, what we have here is an authentic drama for Trittium market, as Masternodes Market Capitalization went down again from 1,129 USD millions to the actual 976 USD million Capitalization.
If we exclude $Dash capitalization, we got a 425 million total Capitalization for the masternodes Market (Excluding $Dash), that is another -7% compared to the last week when we had 455 million MC.

With 252,583 nodes running, about 6,000 less than the last week, the market situation is clear: We need fresh money to enter the crypto space ASAP.


Trittium seems to be the new stable coin, as appears to keep it’s market capitalization and price around the same levels all around December.

We started the month around 450,000 USD market capitalization, and we are now at 438,220, so similar capitalization in a market which lost about 20% of it’s capitalization is a good signal.

About price and market orders, this is what we can see:

Let’s have a look at the order book:

This was the order book on December 9:

And this one is today, December 16:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is lower, around 125–130 sats
  • The buy orders book is similar, with 2,1 $BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is more prominent than last week, with around 1,000,000 $Trtt for sale.
  • We now have 20 masternodes in sell orders and 34 masternodes in buying orders. We continue growing in this ratio, what proves our active community and support.

As you can see numbers are not good, but the market is worse each week. We must manage to cross through this market, and the rebound, then money will come, sooner or later.


I think it is fair to say that Trittium is on its way, showing every day its tireless work and effort, without taking into account the market situation or the $trtt price.

The team continues to develop and create every day new applications, using bots or any valid tools to make the project grow so that every day more investors realize the seriousness behind this ticker: $Trtt.

  • Did you see our new Discord bot? Now, when a member join the Trittium Discord server, trttHelpBot with send him the following DM:

As you know, this month we released our trttNodes platform. Now we are trying to integrate more and more projects and nodes, make the solution more and more useful for any investor and to provide more investment tools.

Also, we published more articles explaining all the points to investors, this week we spoke about trttNode fees and how to get a cheaper investment:

More news and improvements to the platform have been added (… and more to come).

  • New minimum invest amount: Only 10 Euro!!!.
  • Trittium will support XGS airdrop:
  • TrttNodes makes his first airdrop with $LRM coin:
  • Trittium continues developing other areas at the same time, and now the IOS mobile wallet is on beta testing:
  • Trittium team also try to help others when possible. This is a great example:

And finally our last update, about “what we are working on” and our next ideas and targets, just incredible!!!!

  1. Start work on the implementation of hosting for your collateral. I think this will be a gamechanger for the masternodes industry, imagine keeping your investment with you but at the same time reinvest your rewards!!!.
  2. Start implementation of increased fee if paid in other coins (we prefer everyone to pay the price in Trittium), this will create higher demand for our coin and will provide bigger reward distribution for our investors.
  3. Continue with the integration of loans on the current platform.
  4. Four new coins coming next week Altbet, HCH, Polis and Alqo.. for Polis and Alqo. I am donating my node as well.
  5. We will burn all remaining pre-mine next week (147K) and 200K from dev fee + 50% of the trttNodes fees, also 50% of the fees will be distributed to Trittium holders on trttNodes, we estimate about 50K $TRTT.
  6. All missing documents should be sent by the end of this week to Estonia.
  7. Start Marketing campaign, we will offer 0% fees for all coins till the end of the year, and every week some lucky winners will win a different amount of Trittium.
  8. Our target is 400 nodes hosted till the end of next week.

I believe that this last announcement perfectly summarizes the attitude of the Trittium project in the current market situation. Simply, more work, higher goals and never give up.
This is our way of fighting and giving value to the project.

Thanks for trusting us!!!!

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