Trittium - Weekly Report #16

December 4 to December 9


I think you already know the answer. It crashed, again and deeper this time.

Last week we spoke about new stable price levels at $3,500 – $4,000….. and we lost that range. Really I don't know what to ask for or where will we stop, but I hope we are near the bottom.

Less and less total Market Capitalization each week. For the past 7 days we lost $14,655 million, that is -11,6%.

Despite the $BTC fall, its dominance grows to 54,77%, just like the last week, $BTC dominance keep growing.


We continue with a free fall, $Dash reached a new low record and went to only 586 USD million Market Capitalization, that is another -18% this week.

Let remind that once $Dash masternode cost was 1,443,000 USD, just a year ago, and today you can buy it for only 69,000 USD.

$Dash dominance is now at 55,23%, less than last week (57%). Let see the masternodes market excluding $Dash.

It is actually 1,041 USD million and 586 USD million is $Dash market capitalization, so we have 455 USD million for all the masternodes market excluding Dash. Last report ( on December 5th) we had 538 million, so now we have 83 USD million less invested in masternodes than 4 days ago.

258,352 is the number of active masternodes at the moment. That is 2,057 nodes less than the last report on December 4th.
This means: Only the good projects with real development will survive.

But how is Trittium doing it in this market? It is doing it right.

Actual numbers - 1,283 nodes deployed and increasing, with 61% of the coins locked.


About Trittium market capitalization, we didn't suffer too much in December, as we keep a stable amount, around 500,000 USD.

Despite the decline in overall market capitalization, $TRTT has managed to stay in the same price range, around 140 satoshis.

Same as last week in price and capitalization. In this bleeding market it is a great result, but we think that not enough to pay a fair price for our project, we hope we will see a big move up soon.

Let’s have a look at the order book:

This was the order book at December, 4:

And this one is today, December, 9:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is similar, around 140 sats, we hope the price increase will increase.
  • The buy orders book is stronger, with only 2,1 $BTC in buying orders.
  • The sell orders book is smaller, around 850.000 $Trtt.
  • We now have 17 masternodes in sell orders and 30 masternodes in buying orders - we see serious improvement here. $Trtt demand is increasing every day.


On December 2nd we made a big step for our project.

We released our trttNodes platform, a big step that proves our determination to continue with hard work and demonstrate how a small startup reach it’s targets.

Also, we published articles explaining all the points to investors, users and potential projects.

We added new coins to the investment platform. Now you can invest in:

And next week we can confirm that we will open new investment positions for:

  • And more to come ….

As you can see Trittium team never stops working and trying to develop the best possible products and services.

We are in the worst possible market conditions, but we are here, working and releasing what we promised.

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