Trittium - Weekly Report #15

November 19 to December 4


It seems that those $6,100 BTC price levels of which we complained not too long ago, today are a mere illusion, unattainable in the short term.

Today what we have is more blood on the streets. In recent days the crypto community got only bad news.
Let us trust that the 3,500–4,000 $ will be the new prices of stability that we now need and that will serve as the basis for future growth, which will undoubtedly come.

As we can see, the total market capitalization has fallen another 30,44%, leaving us on only 129,330 million dollars.

Despite the $BTC fall, its dominance grows to 53.87% - dangerous times for alts.


1,120 USD millions, was the $Dash total market capitalization at November 19. Today it is only 740 USD Millions. That is -33,92% in 15 days. Another drama.

And what is even worse for us, its dominance has grown, going from 52.50% to the current 57% ….. this means that despite its serious decline in capitalization, the rest of the masternodes market have lost even more. Let’s see it in numbers.

We are in the lowest part of the graph, and it does not look good right now for our market. These last days we have passed, excluding Dash, from 646 million USD to the current 538 million dollars. That is -20%. It seems that there will be no parties for now.

260,409 is the number of active masternodes at the moment that is 5,361 nodes less than the past 19 of November.
When all the crypto market bleeds, the masternodes market follows it.


Despite the decline in overall market capitalization, $TRTT has managed to stay in the same price range, around 140 satoshis.

Let’s have a look at the order book:

This was the order book as of November 19, 2018:

And this one is today, December, 4:

In summary:

  • The average trade price is similar, around 140–150 sats, we hope a price increase.
  • The purchase order book is weaker, with only 1,50 $BTC in buying orders.
  • The sales orders book is similar, around 900.000 $Trtt.
  • We now have 18 masternodes in sell orders and 19 masternodes in buying orders, we must improve this data, as there are too many coins in sales orders. No doubt about the market in the reason for this.


Finally, as I’m sure you already know, Trittium has launched its first product on the market.
After many months of delays and uncertainties, investors can finally see with their eyes that…
- we know what we are doing
- what we are looking to achieve is real
- it works
- we are here to stay.

The road to carry out is long, but we put all our effort into giving value to Trittium every day.

  • On November 19 trttNodes service started with the public test
  • On November 23 Beacon project was added to our multi-currency web wallet.
  • On December, 2, trttNodes has been launched to the public
  • In these articles you can find interesting information about trttNodes:
    (1) trttNodes service features and why to invest on our platform - here.
    (2) how to invest with trttNodes - here.
  • Trittium is looking for more and more projects to be listed on our trttNodes, also no listing fees for now:
  • One of the trttNodes services features is the reinvest option, with it investors generate compound interest.
  • New project listed on trttNodes, welcome IGNY coin!!!!
  • On December 3, Trittium distributed 50,000 $trtt among the trttNodes investors as a test for upcoming PoCon. The community helped a lot with tests and feedback and deserved their small rewards.

As you can see, Trittium does not stop, and this is just the beginning!!!!!

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