Trittium - Weekly Report #13


As always, the new stable currency, the $BTC is still in its usual band ($6,100 — $6,850), and I am beginning to believe that this situation is not so bad.

Here we can see. The total market cap has grown by 4,58%.
This is not too much, but allows some alts pump and at least keep us safe.

As we move forward, this market stability is allowing some ALTS to rise. Some investors start investing in them looking for the benefit that the BTC can not offer any more.

$BTC dominance went down from 54,14% to 52,25%.


$Dash grew a little this week, almost 7%, it seems that some money is coming back to alts market, as we saw with $BTC dominance.

With this, we have last week’s $Dash dominance into the masternodes market at 51,50% and now it is at 35,12%!!!!

What does this mean? VERY VERY GOOD NEWS!!!

If $Dash increased it’s market capitalization with fantastic 7% in a week, and at the same time it’s dominance into masternodes market decreased, a lot of money entered into the masternodes market, and that money went to other masternode projects.

Here it is:+45,78%

There has been an incredible inflow of money into the masternodes world. Possibly caused by that $BTC prices stability.

October 30 2018:

  • Total Masternodes Market: 2,608 million.
  • Dash Market cap: 1,263million.
  • Masternodes Marketcap (excl Dash): 1,345 million.

Total Market Masternodes Capitalization (excl Dash) is, therefore, resting today at $2,451 million (+1,106 millions = +82%)

So, in the last 13 days, we have seen the Dash market cap goes up by $88 million, the total Masternode market (excl Dash) grew by $1,106 million. What this means is that money is entering the masternodes, but hardly, into different projects than Dash.

Deployed Masternodes:

October 30, 2018: 255,998 Active Masternodes.

November 11, 2018: 260,547 Active Masternodes.

On the other hand, these are not too good news.

As we have said before, the assembly rate of new nodes is much lower than the one we have seen all year long.
In this case, a lot of new money has come in, but I do not see that there are more nodes deployed.
This leads us to a natural conclusion: Funds are invested in high-value masternodes.

Last days we can see a 1.77% growth in the total number of masternodes deployed, with about 349 new nodes going online per day. This is more than last weeks but still less than 2018 media.


These have been tough days for Trittium. That’s the truth. We have touched ground in 123 sats last November 3, our ATL, but luckily the money has entered into the market again. It doesn’t seem that we are about to touch the bottom again in the short term.

We must launch ASAP the new trttNode service and begin to demonstrate to our investors that their faith in Trittium project will be paid soon.

Let’s have a look at the order book:

This was the order book as of October 29, 2018:

And this one is today, November 11:

In summary:

- The average sale price is now higher, around 190–200 sats.

- The purchase order book is stronger, with 2 $BTC in buying orders.

- The sales orders book has gone down to around 830.000 $Trtt.

- We now have 16 masternodes in sales orders and 21 masternodes in buying orders.

All this is a significant improvement over the past weeks.
No doubt the arrival of money to the market has favoured projects like Trittium, with a clear purpose and vision towards the long-term and with real products and services about to be launched.


These days, while we are waiting for trttNode service Deployment and licenses arrival, we have been doing a lot of things:

  • New Trittium medium account and new TrttHelpBot!!!

You can read about the new trttHelpBot here.

  • We are updating our mobile wallets, check this video.
  • A new agreement with Beacon Project, 2 $BTC value in Beacon new nodes for our treasury. Learn more about them in their Beacon Discord.

About what have we been working this week, we have a lot of points to share:

  • Web wallet was released as planned:

a) updated UI Kit as for all our future products

b) trttAuth integrated

c) Fiat/Crypto Gateway integrated

  • We integrated Midas into our multi-currency wallet and released white-labelled version for their web and android wallet.
  • Finished Trittium fee implementation on the trttNodes side
  • You can see Xorn and Trittium integrated into trttNodes and trttWallets as well.
  • We hired a new senior developer and he started moving loans to the same UI Kits.
  • We are finishing an updated android wallet and IOS, Android should be released early next week.

As you can see, nobody has been standing here, we are working hard.
As many times you have heard, making money is Crypto is a patience game, and sometimes you have to develop a large part of the projects from scratch.

But we hope we can pay to our investors for this time with high performance in coin price in the next weeks and months.

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