Trittium - Weekly Report #11


So the Total Market Cap has risen but either fortunately or unfortunately (time will tell) we stay range bound and continue to oscillate within the price band of $6,100-$6,850 per bitcoin.

The Total Market Capitalization has risen by 3.8%. This does not mean much more than another stagnant week ahead as far as price action is concerned. We continue to patiently wait for significant moves against the US dollar.

The market dominance of BTC dropped slightly from 54.04% to 53.60%, so we can safely say it’s basically the same as last week. No alt season yet.


The Dash Market sees another decline this week, from $1,354 to $1,306 million (-3%).

The Market dominance of Dash has also fallen, from 52.99% to 50.78%.

This could be good news, as it means that Masternode investments grew.

In summary, for 14 October 2018:

  • Total Masternodes Market: 2,548 million
  • Dash Marketcap: 1,354 million.
  • Masternodes Marketcap (excl Dash) 1,194 million.

The Total Market Capitalization for Masternodes (excl Dash) is resting today, 21 October 2018, at 1,254 million. So as you can see: the Dash market has lost $48 million but the total Masternode market has grown by $12 million. This means there is $60 million more invested in non-Dash Masternodes, which is exactly the market Trittium is in.

Turning to the number of deployed masternodes.

Last week we saw a 2.8% growth in the number of total deployed masternodes, with 830 new masternodes going online per day. This week has been essentially flat, with a slight growth of 0.6%:

14 October 2018: 249,712 Active Masternodes.

21 October 2018: 250,382 Active Masternodes.

This breaks down to 670 new masternodes being deployed this week, which is about 95 new masternodes per day. Not great, but still growth nevertheless.

The reduced growth could be related to some altcoin pump and money running into that — the only way alts can grow in price when there is no new money in the market is if people are moving their crypto investments by selling one asset they hold and buying another.

So what have they been selling? Masternodes, it would seem.


This has been a challenging week for the price of Trittium.

Reasons are clear:

• Market sentiment.

• Reduced number of nodes deployed on the total market.

trttNode service delay.

• License pending.

This has caused some investors to turn bearish or be tempted to look for some fast profit in an altcoin that’s pumping.

This was the order book as of October 14, 2018:

And this is the order book as of October 21, 2018 :

In summary:

- The average sale price is lower, around 185–200 sats.

- The purchase order book is thinner than last week and currently holds 1.33 BTC in buy orders.

- At around 750,000 coins, the sales order book is similar to last week.

- We now have 15 masternodes in sales orders and 15 masternodes in buy orders.

This is the smallest ratio we have seen in the Trittium order books for quite some time, and we are used to seeing an order book with 3 or 4 times more purchase orders than sales orders.

But we must also look at this from a long term global perspective. Think about the whole Trittium history and remind yourself of everything that has been done to reach this point. You will see the evidence shows that we are working on a real, long-term, sustainable project:

- Lower ROI.

- Holding beta launch of the loan platform until our license has been granted

- Introduction of trttNodes to expand the project and diversify revune streams

When you are deploying a disruptive technology there will be delays but we are very near to the next phase of the Trittium project and this is when holders will see the benefits of our efforts.


While we wait for some HUGE news, we have still seen some advances this week — we are Trittium after all and we never stop working!

  • License submissions. One for storing cryptocurrency and another which will allow us to exchange to fiat and other cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • We apologize for the slight delay, but final touches are being made to the trttNode service.

You can see we are advancing to complete the trttNode service soon and we are now very close to deployment.

At Trittium, when we look at what we have achieved and how far we have come in such a short time, we remain convinced that positive price action is just around the corner. Soon everything will change - the only way is up!

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Originally published at on October 24, 2018.



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