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At Trittium project, we like what we do, and we create with passion.

We imagine a colossal ecosystem where you will be able to buy, sell, invest, get a loan, or even make your daily task with us in the same way than you actually do at your bank.

We are not sure how the crypto future will be, but we know we will be there, in pole position and ready to offer to the whole world different crypto and fiat services.

All our actual services have been created from scratch by us.

Mobile App

We launch our new Android and IOS multicurrency mobile wallets.

Here we can see some screenshots:

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Imagine being able to manage your coins from your phone, send and receive, and at the same time you know that the coins in your balance not invested in masternodes are staking 24x7, not needing any laptop opened, just holding is enough to receive staking rewards.

Imagine access to the same funds from your desktop and from your mobile app, not needing to create different accounts, just managing your funds from everywhere.

This is possible now, with Trittium.

Next steps

We will launch soon also new features into our trttNodes platform:

  • Ability to purchase coins directly from the app/platform:

You will be able to buy with btc/eth/Credit Cards the coins instantly at the trttNodes platform.

  • Invest your balances into masternodes directly from the app.
  • trttExplorer Banners: We are promoting our trttExplorer in several projects, it will be more and more visited everyday. We also think it is an excellent tool for all our integrated coins.

All the staking coins will get free banners, with the option to get more purchasing them.

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What do the projects get with the mobile pack?

  • Integration into our trttExplorer.
  • Web wallet.
  • Staking into the platform.
  • Android and IOS mobile wallets.
  • Coins purchase directly from the trttnodes platform. (soon)
  • Banners at the trttExplorer.

How to get all these features into your project?

Ask your project dev about being integrated with us, contact us at our discord or email.

Let us know about your interest!!!!

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Thanks for reading!!!!

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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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