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DKPC reinvest, check the difference

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As you know, one of the significant differences of trttNodes is the possibility of creating investments with the option of reinvesting the generated rewards.

We already explained what is and some example of compound interest in this article.

trttNodes allows you to invest in any of our listed coins and enable the “Reinvest rewards” option, with this, all the rewards generated with your investment will be automatically added to the initial investment, thus achieving ever higher rewards and creating compound interest.

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We have to consider:

  • Example for 1 month.
  • Rewards example from Masternodes Online.
  • DKPC price remains the same for the whole month in both cases.
  • Hosting cost is 3,50 USD per month in traditional investment.
  • trttNode costs = 6$ per full masternode and 4% fees for balance over a masternode, with a minimum of 0.167 EUR/day ($0.19).
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On the left side traditional investment numbers. Right side DKPC trttNodes reinvest numbers.

As you can see, with the trttNodes investment solution you get 12.52% more profit.

Left side: Traditional masternode investment:
Everyday we receive the rewards, at the end of the month we received 2,939.40 new DKPC coins, with an estimated value of 95,82 USD, and we keep the collateral of course.

Our costs are $3,5 for the hosting.

Our net profit = 92.32 USD

Right side, the trttNodes investment with reinvesting option enabled:

Everyday we reinvest all the rewards received and calculate the total $ amount to pay for the amount over a full node that we are reinvesting.

At the end of the month we have:

  • 3,397.87 new DKPC coins.
  • At actual value, it is 3,397.87 x 0.0326 = 110.77 USD.
  • Fees we have: 0.19 dollars per day per node, as we only have some coins more than a whole node, we calculate the right proportion to pay in $.
    And 6$ per full masternode per month, so we must discount 6 USD.
  • 110.77 –0.89 -6 =103.88 USD


With trttNodes and reinvesting you earn a 12.52% more in one month than with traditional investment.

To invest in DKPC on trittium platform please use

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