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4 min readDec 2, 2018


We all know the current situation on the cryptocurrency market these days.
The Masternodes market is living its All Time Low times in terms of market capitalization, reaching USD 1,278 millions, as you can see in the chart below. From that amount USD 806 millions belong to $Dash market capitalization, so, only USD 472 million are for all the other masternode projects.

In this situation, Trittium launches its investment solution - trttNodes. The platform offers a new investment approach and is a game changer for crypto investments.

Adapting to the current market conditions we have to come with new ideas or investment solutions that facilitate the decision making of our investors.

As a result, trttNodes was created. An investment tool to facilitate connections between investors and projects, making it easier for the former to choose the desired size of their investment, and giving to investors access to a market where the amount to invest is no longer a barrier.

trttNodes is a new service developed entirely from scratch by the Trittium developers’ team.

trttNodes service features:

  • Invest as less as 10 EUR.
  • Reinvest rewards.
  • Insta- Share.
  • Insta Withdraw.
  • 2FA.
  • Dashboard with stats.
  • trttAuth.
  • Rewards to trttNodes Investors.

Reinvest rewards

You can choose to reinvest your rewards, having them added to your investment automatically and significantly boost your returns by Compound interest.

You can also choose the option to get your rewards transferred to your wallet. It’s up to you.

If anytime change your mind,
you can always adjust the settings in a click or two.


Since you deposit your coins and click on the INVEST button you will participate in the generated rewards, you don't need to wait for maturation times.

Insta Withdraws

Withdraw your investment and rewards at the time you decide, you don’t need to wait for another investor to replace your site in the masternode. (Initially, the withdrawals will be daily but will be updated to automatic shortly. Soon available).

Security: 2FA

No seats and no sizes.

There are no predefined packages to own a site in Insta-Share, deposit your coins and press INVEST, no matter how many coins you invest.

Projects offered

An offer of different projects: For now, we have: $trtt, $xgs, $xorn, $BND, $lpc, $lcg, $midas, $becn, $ingy, $dashg, $rcrt, $rupx, $evos, $thc, $nzl, $roco, $quot and $lrm. Next coins to add: $abet, #C25, $Esbc…..

More to come soon.


You will control all the data related to the profitability of your investment, as well as other statistical parameters.


Wholly synchronized with our web and mobile wallets. The balance of any of them will be the same on all platforms.


  • 4% fees, and not less than 5 € per month per full node. (4€ for $trtt nodes). 4% fees to amounts over one node in the same investment.
  • 4% fees and not less than 5 € per month proportional to less than one node amounts.

What we will do employing this remuneration system is to make sure that Trittium masternode investors obtain the necessary profitability for their investment.

With each of the revenues generated by the loan platform or our new service trttNodes, the funds will be redistributed into $Trtt masternode investors.

For the first two months since the launch of trttNode, the money raised in fees will be redistributed in the following way: (PoCon)

Fees from Trtt nodes:

For the first two months:

  • 50% burn.
  • 50% We will send them to trttNodes investors.

Next months:

  • 25% burned.
  • 25% will be shared with $Trtt Masternode holders.
  • 50% will go to trittium budget, to pay operative costs.

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