The Community and Trittium

We all know that we are at a time when the market is wiping out many of the ideas, hopes, savings and investments we have placed in some altcoins or projects. It is a difficult moment in that sense.

If you enter the discord of many currencies you see investors asking for explanations from the developers and founders or, even worse, you see a sepulchral silence even though the channel has more than 1,000 members.

Undoubtedly a terrible situation, but one that must be faced, and in our case with hope.

I have full confidence in both the team that created and develops Trittium and in the community that supports this project and I am SURE that with both fronts relying on each other it will be IMPOSSIBLE for success not to come.


If we leave Crypto and go to the real world, we can see how the marketing directors of large multinationals are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of project / community relationships.

It’s called “BRAND COMMUNITY” and with it, a brand can grow and evolve with the expectations and needs of its most valuable customers.

Spaces where members share:

- Tips
- Ideas
- Stories

The feeling of community makes the members and the brand help each other and give advice to the less experienced. The members not only interact with the brand, but between themselves because, as we said, they have a common interest in taking advantage of the digital channel to also enjoy the more social aspects of it.

Let’s see some real examples unrelated to Crypto:

· Lego Ideas:

· Community SAP:

· Figment:

· Starbucks:

· PlayStation:

· Harley Davidson:


So now that we are clear that the community is already at a marketing level and globally, one of the pillars that support the vision and strategy for some of the largest and most advanced multinationals…. Is there any doubt that it is fundamental in Crypto to have the support of the community? Do you really believe that any project, even if it has thousands of investors, can be successful without a community that clearly supports it and believes in the project for the long term? IMPOSSIBLE.

When it comes to analyzing a project, its future real use case is just as important as the community that supports it, since the former will define its future, but without the latter, it will never have one.


In my opinion Trittium combines a series of values that, in addition to being uncommon in the crypto space, allow any member of the community to access real and updated levels of information that few projects offer. These are some of the examples:

  • Total transparency about the budget. With its own folder in the discord, each TRTT or BTC spent is explained:
  • Account balance open to the public, accessible and verifiable:
  • When you need help from the community, you ask:

Voting by the community on important aspects:

Future benefit sharing with investors once Trittium goes live:

  • Responses to doubts from the community by the developer team:
  • Q & A session held on the voice channel to clarify concepts or doubts:
  • Reinvesting revenue into the project generated from selling to third parties the right to use the Trittium application. This brings investors closer to the final objective: Having a real product that generates real benefits:


EVERYTHING. It does it all: Invests, asks questions, gives ideas, asks for explanations as investors, spreads awareness on social medial and on communication platforms, provides support in difficult moments, congratulates, discusses, contributes ideas or solutions… everything.

Let’s see some real examples:

Although sometimes, just seeing the reaction to the Trittium announcements is enough to understand how big this project and its community is:


Each of us must do what we consider appropriate with our money and investments. We all have needs to cover, and this is not an easy time for any Altcoin.

Of course, I recommend investigating and looking for investment options that exist in the market today. But what do I know?

It is clear that Trittium is a great idea based on its community, which will soon become a reality.

It is one of the very few projects that exist in crypto today capable of becoming reality in a short time, contributing ideas and innovations both technological and social and all with the community as a centre, both socially and economically — since we have to remember that it will be the community and the public who later lends money on the platform itself.

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Originally published at on July 23, 2018.



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