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Interview with Evgeny Kagan

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People have many doubts these days about the future of crypto, and no wonder, the market situation, the high number of failed projects that exist, these are all reasons to think very seriously where we invest our money.

We have the opportunity to ask Evgeny about the situation of the project he leads, Trittium, and how he sees the crypto situation in general and about his project, in particular.

Q: Evgeny, what would you say to all these investors, both current and potential? What do you think about the current situation of the crypto market?

Well, all markets subject to corrections, alts suffering from that even more now. The fall has been great, without a doubt, but I am sure that both the BTC and many other big projects, with real work and effort behind, will go forward. What will not happen the same will be with those who do not 100% committed to their investors. Now we see a result of all these scammy ICOs

Q: On the other hand, Trittium has also suffered in price, although right now it seems to be stabilized around 200–210 sats. What do you think about the actual price level?

A: The current price is much lower than it should be, in my opinion. However, the experience has led me to understand that the market is usually right in their decisions. So I know that we have to improve some aspects of the project, no doubt the high number of coins in circulation is one of the points to correct. We are working on them, and soon we will solve it definitively.

Q: In addition to the price, another point that always worries is the Project development. Trittium is creating a P2P lending platform from scratch. How is the development going? Do we have new progress? Are we close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

A: I expected this one, but we very close to completion

The project is in some products with beta already launched, as is the case with the web wallets or the android wallet. We are submitting to IOS now.

The Fiat-Crypto payment gateway is progressing as planned and the beta of the loan platform has not yet been launched due to bureaucratic issues since we prefer not to operate as long as we do not have a license. While we continue working on it.

We have also given third parties the right to use our platforms in exchange for royalties that come in handy to accelerate processes and offer new types of services.

For example, soon we will launch a new service of INSTA shared masternodes for those projects that are in our `web wallet platform.

Q: I see you have announced a Fork for block 200,790, on September 23rd. Why? What has led you to make a fork? What does that change imply?

A: Hyperinflation. That is the reality, that is the main reason. There are too many $TRTT in circulation, and with that, the price does not rise. No matter how good or real the project is, or how close we are to launching it, the reality is that there are too many coins and each day they continue to generate more and more.

Despite having around 1,160 active nodes and 65.81% of blocked currencies, which shows the faith of our community in our project, we generate around half a million coins daily, If the market is not able to absorb them eventually the price has to fall and we are in bear market as discussed above

We believe that our service is worth more, much more, and we want our investors to earn money. That brings us to the obvious conclusion: Let’s lower the rewards. Let’s stop this bleeding.

The change will only imply a change in the rewards, and with it a decrease in the ROI, but we are convinced that it will also cause the price increase.

Q: What will happen after the Fork? How much will be the new rewards? Will there be more changes in the Fork?

A: No more changes, just about rewards.
New rewards will be like this:

Q: What is PoCon?

You can read more about it here: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@peasantforhire/proof-of-consumption-and-the-age-of-utility

Q: Once that “Megano International” company has been created and your names and LinkedIn are already public, I know Trittium is waiting for the license to operate legally, what about it?

A: Trittium will never do anything illegal or not authorized by legislation. For that reason, the only way to operate cryptocurrency markets and make the fiat-crypto change is through a real license. In this case under the umbrella and regulations from the European Union.

I hope to get the license in about five/six weeks from now. After it we will launch the beta platform and will start to work on our next target: Q1 2019 release the platform to the big public and operate our P2P platform.

With that being said we expecting to release video of completely automated Loan given between 2 my different accounts on Mistertango.

Borrowers and lenders are welcome!!!

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