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Honestly, I don't remember the first time I read about PoCon, but I remember the sensation I felt:

“This is fair, if someone invest, he must be part of the future profits”

Some days later I read this article from @PeasantForHire and I realized that it can be an authentic gamechanger.

The first project developer who spoke about this kind of profit sharing was Evgeny Kagan, founder of Trittium project, and he decided to implement it in his project, Trittium. You can read his technical data in their White Paper.


Because it is fair!!!

Trittium investors become investors in real projects, with the right to receive part of the revenue generated by the platform in exchange for having financed the project.
It is no longer just a matter of masternodes generating programmed payments of their currency and bringing it’s value to zero, but project with real use case getting real income for its activities and distributing it among the masternode owners, thus provides additional value to the currency and keeps price growing constantly.


With a reduction of rewards via standard blocks and the implementation of revenue sharing via reward blocks, Trittium will create a revenue loop back to its masternode holders.

The team will set a maximum coin supply. Once that supply is reached, Trittium will switch to Dividend blocks via the blockchain. As revenue is received through the Trittium platform (via the streams listed above), that revenue will be paid out to the investors at a predetermined percentage.


Let us say in one day, the Trittium platform earns 1 BTC, $3,200 USD, and 5,000 Trittium coins. Those funds will be converted to Trittium coin internally, and then distributed between a few different locations:
1. A percentage will be retained by the platform for maintenance and operations.
2. A percentage will be burned to maintain the set maximum coin supply.
3. A percentage will be paid to masternode holders in the form of dividends.

By implementing additional revenue streams and PoCon, the Trittium platform will have much greater control over any inflationary issues associated with the Trittium coin and investors will be able to benefit from the growing revenue produced by the platform.

PoCon is much more similar to what we might call common sense, since the masternode investors become beneficiaries of the benefits generated by their investment, and not only in actual speculators devoured by inflation.


Trittium is now making its first tests with their investors at the trttNodes platform (https://node.trittium.cc) and next PoCon rewards distribution out of the revenue will be among all the Trittium Masternode holders.

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