Installing TRITTIUM Masternode using MYCE bot

Guide to setup masternode on MYCE hosting platform

We would like to show you how to set a masternode using MYCE telegram bot.

First thanks to Trittium team for provided coins, all coins were returned to the team and masternode was disabled after the test. So here is our demo…

Open following URL - and you should see following screen. Click START button at the bottom to start the process:

Once started bot will give you options of coins for which you want to install a node. We will install Trittium masternode, so pressed Trittium button.

The Bot guidance is clear and easy to follow. On the next step the bot offers again several option and we chose here Masternode in order to install a node.

On this step the bot has two options: masternode setup and notifications settings. Our option is “Easy Setup” to install a new Masternode.

At this moment bot will explain you what it’s going to do, what will be the cost, etc.

We are going to install the VPS technical side for you.
This means that YOU will keep control of your coins in your
local wallet and we will be in charge of keeping your TRITTIUM Masternode running for you.

This currently costs 85.0 TRTT per month.
This is known as a hot/cold wallet setup, we are managing the VPS for you. press continue

The guidance is very easy to understand:

We have the wallet, so we don’t need to download it, we believe most people that installing Node already have a wallet with required collateral. So now you suppose to go to your Trittium wallet, open debug console and create new receiving address. Then copy the newly generated address to bot window and click “Continue”.

Next step, is to deposit collateral as set on the bot screen to the address

Send 50,000 TRTT to the wallet address you generated.
a. Copy the address you generated in the last step EXACTLY. We CAN NOT help anyone who has sent their TRTT to the wrong address.
b. You can verify it is the correct address when you paste it into the ‘Pay to:’ field, the ‘Label’ field should autopopulate to your Masternode’s name.

Click “Continue” after that.

Now we should get confirmation of created transaction, this can take as long as 5, 10 minutes.

Get proof of transaction to the Masternode
a. Enter this command into the Debug Console
masternode outputs
b. This can take a second
You will se this
{ ‘txhash’: ‘9876235987jkghfkjashogfre987634259876342oiuyfihg98762135’ , ‘outputidx’ :’0' }
c. If you get an empty { } your transaction has not reached enough confirmations. We can wait 5 minutes

As you can see on the screen we got the outputs and clicked “Continue”

Copy and paste the result you had on LAST STEP here like example:
85fbd3fdd1bde23154f830gd8308991cb7371688d11675djd57eddca544aee57 1
include the space between them.

In our case: 2aa9b59ce0685754afec0ab4a86602d884f066ba812b8ee293e1f574e5eda5ca 0 - which is TXhash and TXID . At the last step bot will ask you to send 85 TRTT to the address shown on your screen to pay the hosting fee.

MYCE Support, [18.06.18 13:04]
STEP 5 — Send 85.0 TRTT coins into the next trittium address: (This would be your monthly payment for this service)

MYCE Support, [18.06.18 13:04]

MYCE Support, [18.06.18 13:04]
Your trittium transaction ID (tx) will be checked
I will notify you on this chat when transaction has been confirmed.
We will then continue the guide where I will give you the final steps for your installation.

You need to wait for the bot to confirm transaction and if you click Continue before getting confirmation, bot will nicely say:

You have previous transactions wait for payments to complete or cancel them

Now you are supposed to get the following message from the BOT

STEP 6 Navigate to the Trittium wallet data directory
a. In windows open a file explorer, type this command into the box at the top
b. Right click on ‘masternode.conf’ and choose ‘open with’, use notepad to open the file
c. Enter this string line, replacing the brackets and text with it
YourMasternodeName 91vkhjivcEyb……………….rGX7Q2Rs918gn1ay 2aa9b59ce0685754afec0ab4a86602d884f066ba812b8ee293e1f574e5eda5ca 1

d. Save the file and close out of the explorer

press continue.

You can do it from windows explorer, or just from the RUN command. Now open masternode.conf and paste there the provided string. Save the file and close it, click Continue on telegram screen.

STEP 7 Start the Masternode in your local wallet
a. Check that your wallet is unlocked, if not then unlock it.
a. Open the Debug Console, and type this command, replacing <YourMasternodeName> with the name you gave your masternode
startmasternode alias false <YourMasternodeName>
b. This is what you should see next
‘overall’: ‘Successfully started 1 masternodes, failed to start 0, total 1’,
‘detail’ : [
‘result’: ‘successfull’,
‘error’ : ‘’
press continue.

Before this step you actually need to restart the wallet.

That’s it , our masternode is running

Click continue

MYCE Support, [18.06.18 13:58]
Congratulations! You have just successfully set up a Masternode! This bot will notify you here on rewards
Welcome to Trittium and MYCE World!

MYCE Support, [18.06.18 13:58]
Out of Automatic

You also will see your masternode as enabled on Masternodes tab

In some time you should be able to see your clock moving on Masternode Tab

More information about Myce -

More information about Trittium -

Originally published at on June 18, 2018.

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