How to withdraw from trttNodes

Trittium team always try to answer our investor’s questions, and we also want to explain how trttNodes platform works and to do it as simple as possible.

So we will explain now how to withdraw, and later how to know if your coins will be immediately in your wallet.

  1. Stop the investment: Navigate to “my investments” page and press the “CLOSE” button.

A confirmation window will appear to confirm the operation. Once confirmed, all the coins will go to your wallet.

2. Withdraw only a part of your investment, keeping the rest invested.

  • Go to “my investments” page and press “VIEW INFO” button.
  • Press the button “Withdraw” and a window for confirmation will appear.
  • Select the amount you wish to withdraw. The system does not allow to withdraw all the balance (For that you must stop your investment).

As you can see, in a 103,940 investment I can withdraw 102,575, not more, as all investment must keep at least 10€ value. If you want all your coins, you must stop your investment (explained in Option 1 above.)

Really it depends on a lot of factors:
- What coin do you want to withdraw?
- When do you request withdrawal?
- How many coins do trttNodes have at that moment for insta-withdraw?

So there is not an definite answer, as the amount changes.

But we will tell you how to know the exact amount you can withdraw instantly in every moment with one example:

Imagine we want to retire 40,000 Trittium.

We know how to do it, as we explained it in the points 1 and 2 above.

So, we don’t know if that 40,000 Trittium will be credited soon to our wallet.

To know it we must do the following (Only to check if the coins are available for insta-withdraw):

  1. We go to “My investments” page, press the button “Create new” and we choose Trittium, for example.
  2. This is what we see:

3. Check the marked amount: 627,437 TRTT - that amount is the number of trittium we can insta- withdraw. If you withdraw amount up to marked, it will be in our wallet in less than 1 minute (network confirmations needed, of course).

It is the same with all the coins. All of them have a different amount available at every moment, and we must check it before making any withdrawals, in case we want the coins as fast as possible.

4. If we don’t check that number and request amount higher than it, the system has to stop some working node so that it can be a 6 hours operation in most cases.

5. In case of withdrawal request for amount higher than the balance available for insta-withdraw, there won’t be partial instant withdrawal and partial later to cover full requested amount. The available balance for insta-withdraw will remain same and available for other withdraws. Let see for example, XORN:

  • If we try to withdraw 30,000 coins, they will be in our wallet in less than one minute, all of them.
  • If we try to withdraw 30,100 coins, we must wait up to 6 hours in most cases.
  • In the case with 30,100 coins withdrawal, we must wait up to 6 hours in most cases and the 30,095 will remain available for other withdrawals, regardless our pending withdrawal request.

We hope this helps our community to understand the trttNodes platform better.

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