How to withdraw from the trttNodes platform, and get the coins ASAP.
4 min readMay 23, 2019


It is expected that you already have an investment made, so, you know how to login and reach your platform account.

Once you enter into the platform, this is the first you will see, your Dashboard.

Now, go to Portfolio/My investments:

You will see there TRTT info box (by default fees are charged in TRTT) and some of our investments stats.
If you scroll down, you will see “hot offers”, that is, all the coins with on a special hosting price. And if you continue scrolling down, you see all the instant-node investments under your account.

We will choose one; in this case, and will withdraw coins from it:

On the right side, you will see four different options.

  • Deposit more funds into this investment.
  • Withdraw funds to the wallet.
  • Close the investment.
  • View this investment details.


If we decide to close the investment, a confirmation pop-up will appear, and if we confirm the operation, the investment will be closed and coins will go to the wallet in few minutes. In this case the confirmation window says that the total amount we are trying to withdraw, 20,380 TRTT is available for immediate withdraw, we will go for it.

However sometimes, you investment amount could be higher than the amount available for immediate withdraw. How can we know it? The system will inform us. Just check the amount marked on the image above, when you are closing your investments.

Check this example:

If you try to close investment with higher amount than the amount available for fast withdrawal, you will have to wait up to 6 hours to receive the coins to your wallet. It’s like that, because a node have to be destroyed in order to be able to processes to process your transfer.


The trttNodes platform allows you to deposit or withdraw coins from your running investment at any moment. You don’t need to close an investment and open a new one each time you need some coins.

Now we will withdraw 1,000 TRTT to our wallet from the previous investment.

We press the second button, withdraw, and this is what we get

  1. - The total amount of this investment.
  2. Max. Amount we are able to withdraw. Why this? Because remember, we must keep 10€ value in coins as minimum investment. If you don’t want to keep the investment active and want to withdraw full amount, you should close the investment instead withdraw coins.
  3. The minimum amount we must keep at the investment, if we want to keep the investment active.
  4. As we can see, all the coins will be available in few minutes, as 20,382 are available now.
  5. Here we enter the amount we want to withdraw — 1,000 TRTT in this case.

We enter 1,000 and press “Withdraw.”

This confirmation window will appear:

Press “Confirm” and the coins will arrive at your trttNodes wallet in few minutes.

A new window like this will show you a confirmation.

Easy and fast!!!!

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