How to withdraw from the trttNodes platform, and get the coins ASAP.

  • Deposit more funds into this investment.
  • Withdraw funds to the wallet.
  • Close the investment.
  • View this investment details.


  1. - The total amount of this investment.
  2. Max. Amount we are able to withdraw. Why this? Because remember, we must keep 10€ value in coins as minimum investment. If you don’t want to keep the investment active and want to withdraw full amount, you should close the investment instead withdraw coins.
  3. The minimum amount we must keep at the investment, if we want to keep the investment active.
  4. As we can see, all the coins will be available in few minutes, as 20,382 are available now.
  5. Here we enter the amount we want to withdraw — 1,000 TRTT in this case.



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