How to invest with trttNodes

We have just launched the new UI for the trttNodes platform. This manual will explain how to use the platform to invest in other coins. All our investments are instant, and you will start receiving rewards as soon as you click on the “Invest” button.

Step 1

Sign-up on and login with your credentials to the platform. You should see the following dashboard:

If you scroll down, you will see your account data. As it is new, it will look like this one, with No trtt fees paid and no investments running.

You can browse the listed coins on trttNodes by navigating to the “COINS” page (the second button in the left sidebar).
You will see the special offer first, as “HOT DEALS” and if you scroll down, you will see all the listed coins.

You can also use the search tool or even order results by ROI, node price,…

Step 2

Collect the number of coins that you like to invest on trttNodes. You can purchase coins of the desired cryptocurrency on an exchange or send them from your wallet if you already hold some amounts. Don’t forget to buy some Trittium coins as the fees are paid in $TRTT. You can buy Trittium on CryptoBridge or Coinexchange.

Now you can deposit your coins to your trttNodes wallet of a particular cryptocurrency. Click on the “DEPOSIT” button located on the top of the screen in the platform header, then choose the desired coin, copy or scan the generated receiving address and send coins to it from the exchange or your wallet of the same cryptocurrency.

Once you press DEPOSIT, a new window will appear. Select the coin you want to deposit into your trttNodes wallet, and you will see a window like this one:

Copy the address as explained before and send the coins to the platform.

We also strongly recommend to go to settings and enable 2FA.

Step 3

Once you get six confirmations for your deposit transaction, your balance will be eligible for investment.

You can invest in several ways.

  • Click on the “INVEST” button located on the top of the screen in the platform header.
  • Into “Portfolio/My Investments” if you scroll down you will see the button “INVEST”.

Once you press the button, a new window will show you all the coins you have into your wallet with enough balance (>10€) to open investment. If you don’t have enough coins, you can make a deposit directly from this window.

Once you select the coin to invest, you will see the investing window. There you will be able to choose different options:

Here you see some info like your wallet balance, the minimum amount to invest (equivalent to 10€), masternode ROI, collateral needed to deploy a whole node or the entire node price in EUR.

And you must choose how much coins do you want to invest, or if you’re going to reinvest your rewards or send all the payments to your trttNodes wallet.

Once you select, press PLACE INVESTMENT button, a new window with all the info appears and ask you to confirm if the data are ok or go back and edit the investment options.

Once confirmed, you will see this window:

And you are done, your investment is running. Just wait for your rewards, four payments per day.

Don’t forget to clap!!!!

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