How to invest in SAPP with trttNodes

Only 10€ value needed in SAPP to receive masternode rewards.

The trttNodes platform is the most advanced tool in the market to invest in masternodes.

When we say invest, we are speaking about sending coins to the platform and receive rewards in the same proportion as if you have a masternode running, but with a huge difference, you don’t need to have the whole collateral to receive them.

With only 10 Euros value, you can invest your SAPP into a running masternode and receive rewards since the first day. That’s an excellent advantage for your bankroll, as you avoid to wait days to receive your first reward.

If you want to know more about the investing benefits, please read this article:


  • 10 Euros value into the SAPP wallet at the trttNodes platform.
  • Some Trittium to pay the fees (If you don’t have tritium in your balance, we will get the fees from your SAPP daily rewards.)

Let’s see how to make it; just three easy steps needed:

Step 1

Step 2

Deposit the SAPP amount you want to invest in your trttNodes SAPP wallet.

  • Select Invest in the top page menu.
  • Choose SAPP into the search tool. The first time you select SAPP, the system will ask you if you want to create a SAPP address, answer yes and repeat the process (Choose SAPP again into the search tool)
  • A new window will appear showing you your new SAPP address. This is the platform SAPP wallet address, where you must to send your SAPP coins to invest.

Step 3

Once you get six confirmations for your deposit transaction, your balance will be eligible for investment.

You can invest in several ways.

  • Click on the “INVEST” button located on the top of the screen in the platform header. Once you select it, a new window will show you all the coins with 10 Euro value or more you have at the platform. In this case, we will select SAPP.
  • In this window you will select your investment options: You can see now how many coins you have at your trttNodes SAPP wallet available for investment.
  • How much will you invest? Just type the amount.
  • Reward address: You can send the daily rewards to the platform address (by default) or select a different address (Desktop wallet, exchange…).
  • You can choose between transferring your rewards to the address we just selected or reinvest all of them. If you decide to reinvest, all the rewards received will go directly to the total invested amount, so you create an authentic compound interest.
  • Once you selected your investment options, just press “PLACE INVESTMENT”.

A window like this one will appear. It includes your investment options, check them and confirm it is ok.

Congrats!!! Your investment is placed and running now!!!!

In case you want to buy some trtt to pay the fees, you can buy them at:

And also with BTC directly at the trttNodes platform, using the refill option.

Just type at the XXX the TRTT amount you want to buy, and you will see the BTC needed to do it.

You will see also the maximum amount ready to purchase.

Once here, just send the BTC to the address, and you will receive your trtt into your account.

Thanks for reading!!!

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