How to create a lending request.

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Creating a Lending request (Borrowing)

In our example below, we are going to be the Borrower.

LTV Ratio is a calculation used to assess the risk of a loan. A loan with a higher LTV ratio is generally seen as higher risk and a loan with a lower LTV ratio as lower risk.

The applicant can adjust the figure and quickly realize that the higher the LTV is, the lower the required collateral to send to the moneylender.

  • The applicant can select the coin they would like to receive in the loan agreement: BTC, ETH, PAX and USDT (More coins will be added). In this example, we have selected BTC.
  • The applicant enter’s their receiving BTC wallet address (where they would like to receive their loan amount). Furthermore, the applicant must also provide a wallet address to where they would like to receive the collateral once they finalize the loan (In this case, 7 days).
  • The applicant must now select how they would like to settle the platform fees. As outlined above, if the applicant favours Trittium to settle the fees, they will be rewarded with a 20% discount.
  • The applicant is required to accept the terms and conditions and CREATE REQUEST.

Once the Loan Request is accepted.

Once the loan request is accepted from a respective lender in the market, the applicant will receive an email. In the email, the system asks the applicant to send the collateral to the lender in the next 2 hours.



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