How does trttNodes platform Work?
4 min readApr 10, 2019

Same investment = Different rewards sometimes, why?

The trttNodes platform is the insta shared nodes service leader, with around 1,900 insta shared nodes running.

Every week we list more coins, the newest in the Masternode space.

More and more investors arrive everyday to our Discord.

How much do we pay as rewards?

We pay as rewards whatever the project network pays. So, if you invested, for example, in a shared CTT masternode and you hold 1/2 masternode, you will receive 71.3 CTT coins per day, as a whole masternode receives 142,6 per day.

CTT Rewards (source

So, to be clear: We pay the same amount of rewards that we receive, directly from their blockchain.

How does the trttNodes Platform work?

Let’s start from the beginning when we list a new coin.

You will see something like this in the coin Dashboard:

trttnodes Dashboard

All the data are relevant, but check this one: working nodes: 1

When we list a coin we always have one node running. That’s the reason you can host a shared node with us and receive rewards from the first day, because a node was already running and receiving rewards.

Once we fill the first node, we deploy the next one (entire process is automated). This way, we always have more nodes running than coins hosted by investors.

As an example, if the project collateral where you invested is 1,000 coin, and you invest 100 coins, and the project pays 60 coins per day per for a node, you will receive the first day the rewards corresponding to 10% of a node: 6 coins. Easy!

Let’s make this more complicated

We can have situations where it is impossible for us to pay rewards if a significant amount of nodes are recently deployed.

Lets see this example:

Imagine, 15 days after launching a new coin, we have 45 nodes running for same coin. In this case, all the investors receive their rewards, as explained, in the proportion of their invested amount. And we keep one more node running with no owner.

In this situation, someone invests 30 new nodes of the same coin.

Remember, at this moment, we had 45 nodes running + 1 node with no owner. But now we don’t have 30 nodes running and ready, so it is impossible to pay to the new investor rewards for 30 nodes from the first day, as nodes need to mature to receive their first reward.

What do we do? In this case, we pay fewer coins to the old investors and much less to the new investor, but at least he receives something from the first day of investment.

Why do we do this? Because everybody wants to receive rewards from the first moment.

Is this fair to old investors? Perhaps not in this moment, but for sure the same investors received some extra coins already when they started their investments, or they will get ones new investor nodes start receiving rewards… in the end, everybody wins, as they have now a much stable system, and the more nodes deployed the fewer are chances to miss rewards in the future.

Remember this is only a day or two situation.

In exceptional cases we can make some some additional payments as compensation to avoid big loses to old investors. These compensations are paid by trttNodes, not by the network.

When can we see some strange situation in rewards distribution?

Sometimes rewards payments are not possible.
As you know the masternode sector is always changing and updating. Sometime this takes us to unique situations, where reward payments are impossible, as we don’t receive rewards to share.

These are some examples:

  • Swaps.
  • Forks.
  • Collateral changes.
  • Wallet updates.
  • Chain issues.
  • …..

All these situations could force us to restart the nodes, so we also have to wait again to receive the first rewards.

Sometimes the projects helps us and provide some extra coins to share as rewards with investors, but it doesn’t always happen.


At trttNodes we try to share all the rewards we receive from listed projects, in all the situations our only target is to share with our investors all the coins we can in the fairest possible way.

We make mistakes, of course, but we also proved several times that in such cases we can buy the missing rewards or compensate in some way your loses.

That’s how we do our business, with our investors in mind!!!!

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