How does trttNodes platform Work?

How much do we pay as rewards?

We pay as rewards whatever the project network pays. So, if you invested, for example, in a shared CTT masternode and you hold 1/2 masternode, you will receive 71.3 CTT coins per day, as a whole masternode receives 142,6 per day.

CTT Rewards (source

How does the trttNodes Platform work?

Let’s start from the beginning when we list a new coin.

trttnodes Dashboard

Let’s make this more complicated

We can have situations where it is impossible for us to pay rewards if a significant amount of nodes are recently deployed.

When can we see some strange situation in rewards distribution?

Sometimes rewards payments are not possible.
As you know the masternode sector is always changing and updating. Sometime this takes us to unique situations, where reward payments are impossible, as we don’t receive rewards to share.

  • Swaps.
  • Forks.
  • Collateral changes.
  • Wallet updates.
  • Chain issues.
  • …..


At trttNodes we try to share all the rewards we receive from listed projects, in all the situations our only target is to share with our investors all the coins we can in the fairest possible way.



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