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As you know, Trittium is building a whole ecosystem where everyone will be able to deposit, stake, invest, exchange, and even ask for loans in the same platform.

This environment needs time to be developed, as we create all from scratch and with the funds we get from the platform. Here no significant funds are helping us, just you.

We realize that as we grow a new kind of customers access to the platform. From different countries and used to various exchanges.

We also understand it is hard for someone not used to the exchanges where we are listed to make an account for buying just 10$ value in trittium to try our services.

That’s the reason we just launched (Beta for now) the first step of our trttPay solution.

Now you can buy your Trittium directly from the trttnodes platform.

We launched direct Bitcoin payments.

Soon you will be able to pay in Ethereum.

In some weeks, cards payments will also be allowed.

How to buy?

Go to the top menu and press on “Refill trttNode Balance.”

Select how many trtt you want to buy. The total BTC amount will appear in the right box.

Once you press “Pay with BTC” you will see the address where to send your Bitcoin payment:

Once the platform sees the payment on the network, it will show you:

Once the tx get two confirmations, trtt bought will be added to your balance.


  • Price: Price will be the Crypto Bridge lowest selling price + 2%.
  • Fees: Flat, 2$ per order, does not mind the amount.
  • Minimum amount to purchase: No minimum.
  • Max amount: System will show you the balance ready to sell.

With this we think we are giving a step in the right direction, making it much more comfortable to buy for our customers.

As always, your comments are welcome!!!

Thanks for reading.

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Tritium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows for fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral.

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