Agreement between Trittium and Genesis X

Fortunately or unfortunately in this life you meet all kinds of people.

I remember having a boss who, if didn’t bother the opposing party in an agreement, did not close it, he always had to be above them. Obviously, his deals were only one shot, since nobody wanted to repeat agreements with him …. Time put him in the right place.

Instead I remember other superiors or colleagues with more affection, motivating people and capable of defending what they believe from a perspective of support and constant motivation. Believing in serious work and in the long term.

Each time the latter made an agreement, it was to keep it in time, with prospects for the future and defending their beliefs and the strategic vision of their company and their interests, seeking their benefit of course, but also looking for the part with which They were closing the agreement was satisfied with it. All must win with the association.

This is an example of what $TRTT and $XGS have accord on, how these two projects have reached an agreement that allows them to earn more in the short and long term for both parties.

It is a WIN — WIN pact, where both are reinforced and where the two parties earn time and money collaborating with each other, without hidden parts or impossible conditions to perform, made clear and transparently.

In this way, the investors of both projects won with this partnership, as well as attracting new investors to both companies.

Before continuing, let’s see what each of the projects are dedicated to:

· $TRTT, Trittium, is developing a platform to make P2P loans online based on crypto. So if you deposit $ BTC as collateral, you receive your loan in Fiat by transfer. As expected in these kind of business, mobile wallets (IOS and Android), the payment gateway and movement of money are 2 key aspects for them.

$XGS, GenesisX seeks to create a storage platform or solution that will allow users to store, download, upload and, at the same time, transfer files anonymously and securely. In addition to improving the zerocoin protocol to increase privacy and security, it wants to integrate a 2FA into the blockchain industry.

If we look inside, there are synergies between both parties, in addition to points in common that there is no need to develop separately when one of them is an inherent part of your business.

The agreement, public and transparent, allows each of them to obtain the following:

Trittium obtains:

· 1 GB of secure storage on the platform that Genesis X is developing

· Incomes: 2 Btc + 4 XGS Masternodes.

GenesisX gets:

· Full integration of the Trittium payment platform in GenesisX, including the necessary technical support for 1 week for the definitive integration.

· Acquisition of the web wallet that Trittium is developing.

· Acquisition of mobile applications for IOS and Android that Trittium is developing.

As you can see, both parties come out winning in a WIN — WIN agreement.

On the one hand Trittium will be able to advance their appearance plans in bigger exchanges, besides being able to enjoy the benefits that the security that GenesisX will offer with its services in the cloud.

As for GenesisX, it manages to advance its initial development program in months, as well as having access to the technology developed by Trittium on its own. With one of the best wallets in the cryptospace.

What are the consequences of this agreement? What results has this announcement caused in the short term?

For $TRTT:

These are the reactions in Discord after the announcement:

And take a look on reactions:

This is the level of community support for the agreement and the project. Amazing.

In Crypto Bridge: Look at the next day’s volume peak:

In addition to the strong demand that registers continuously: At this moment, more than 14 btc of purchase and only 5 masternodes for sale:

For $XGS:

Taking into account that it is a much younger project, and with less than a month of live, the reactions have been spectacular:

Their Discord:


And in its prices and volume:

In terms of demand, we can now see a demand of more than 5 Btc and an offer of just over 4 masternodes, which in a project with less than a month in the markets is an absolute success.

As a summary and conclusion I would say that it is a great agreement that will undoubtedly reinforce both projects, not only economically, but also in temporary terms.

It also demonstrates the undeniable quality of both developments.

More information about Trittium -

More information about GenesisX -

Originally published at on July 4, 2018.



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